You are currently ranked: N/A VRC-PRO rankings are based on your performance at official VRC-PRO events. Each event will earn you points depending on where you finish in the event. To get your ranking as high as possible you will need to enter as many events as possible. To achieve a higher overall ranking you will need to compete in all classes and scales.
Rankings are divided into 3 racer classes. Choose which class to show: Club Sport Pro
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  Pos. Driver Country Total
Joshua B
1. Joshua B US 2231
2. Pierre D. CH 1937
3. Kevin B US 1844
4. Sven Dellebeke NL 1662
5. Graham Raistrick GB 1548
6. Nuno L. PT 1281
7. Marco M. CH 1205
8. Maurizio M IT 1084
9. Austin Elliott IE 1067
10. Ugo C. IT 1035

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