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28.12.2017   4 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Oval King Jimmy Flag has restored order in oval racing after his defeat earlier on the Melzo Oval track. This time it was the other way around: Flack over Giordano, but the battle was as intens as before.

The art of oval racing is a special skill. To see the consistency you should take a look at the laptimes:
fastest lap 8.330
slowest lap 8.610
avg. laptime 8.431

And it could even have been better if Jimmy hadn't crashed 10m before the finish line in his very last lap. Impossible to beat? Andrea Giordano put up a similar performance and was able to put pressure on Flack the first half of the 5 minute race, but couldn't keep up with the relentless pace and consistency of the oval king and had to give in 2 seconds after 35 laps. Shaun Schutte from South Africa won the battle for 3rd place over Terum from Norway (at 0.3 seconds) and Steven Halliday from Australia at 0.4.


1.|Jimmy Flack|US|35|05:01.338|1
2.|Andrea Giordano|IT|35|05:0... read more


28.12.2017   1 comment   Category: Event publications


Young Tom Rinderknecht from the USA has claimed his first VRC Worlds title winning the 1:10 Short Course trucks modified Open class final at Buggyland, Fuencarral Spain.

The official Team Associated Works driver dominated the 10 minute final from start to finish and despite a crash one lap before the end his victory was never really challended. Vili Hakala from Finland charged hard but everytime he came within striking distance he lost ground again by small mistakes. James Le Pavoux from the UK drove a steady race but was half a second slow on Rinderknecht. Ilari Lamminsivu from Finland put up a great challange for 3rd position but as so many others in this final, overdrove the car costing him valuable seconds. A great victory for the fastest and also most consistent racer Tom Rinderknecht.

Open class results

1.|Tom Rinderknecht|US|15|10:19.151|1
2.|Vili Hakala|FI|15|10:26.637|4
3.|James Le Pavoux|GB|15|10:27.395|5
4.|Robert Hillman|SE|15|10:29.174|2
5.|Olivier Meunier|DE|... read more


28.12.2017   1 comment   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Marc de Zwart from Austria was the big surprise in 1:8 electric buggies modified class, not many saw this coming but himself. De Zwart took the early lead with a blistering start, taking advantage of a poor opening lap of fresh VRC World Champion in SC Trucks open class and official Associated team driver Tom Rinderknecht. It took the young American driver just 1 lap to claim back 2nd position from Warren Jones and from then on it was RACE ON. The 8 minute final was one of the closest battles we've seen so far during this Worlds. De Zwart kept his cool, drving tighter lines than Rinderknecht and Jones, which gave him a deserved win at the end, although with the narrowest of margins: just 0.1 on Rinderknecht and 0.5 on Jones. A MUST WATCH video!

1.|Marc De Zwart|AT|12|08:01.554|1
2.|Tom Rinderknecht|US|12|08:01.671|3
3.|Warren Jones|US|12|08:02.051|2
4.|Jonas Larsson|SE|12|08:08.331|10
5.|James Le Pavoux|GB|12 08:09.794|5
6.|Erik Bottosso|IT|12|08:10.234|9
7.|Robert Hillman|SE|12|08:12.037|... read more


28.12.2017   5 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Report by Kevin Bacon

The 2017 World Championships at Cincinnati was the first ever official VRC event for the New 1/8 Nitro GT3 Spec class. VRC Pro released the 1/8 Nitro GT3 Spec class chassis just one month prior to the event. The GT3 Spec class was designed to provide fast, stable, good handling cars that are easy to drive and enjoyable at all racer levels to promote close and exciting racing. Suffice it to say, VRC clearly achieved all of its goals with the GT3 Spec class and the World Championships at Cincinnati was a perfect showcase.

The GT3 Spec class is based on the 1/8th Nitro vehicles but the chassis sport front and rear differentials, front and rear brakes and a slightly less powerful .21 engine as well as super soft rubber tires, which results in totally different driving characteristics. The class, like the other Spec classes on VRC Pro, also has limited adjustability, to focus more on driving and less on setup. How... read more


22.12.2017   4 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


PRO class

The biggest upset of the 2017 VRC Worlds thus far: Italian Andrea Giordano beating the VRC oval king Jimmy Flack. It could be home advantage of course, but unlikely as the Melzo oval is hardly used in real life. The 15 minute long final was really between these 2 drivers from the moment the flag dropped. Flack made a small mistake in lap 2 going into turn 1 which cost him haf a second, enough to make him chase down Giordano for the whole 15 minutes. He was able to get in front of the flying Giordano during the pitstops, but other than these few laps he just saw the tailpipe of the Italian. They were totally evenly matched these 2 front runners and as Giordano was able to stay cool until the finish flag despite the pressure of Flack he was crowned the 2017 VRC Oval winner in 1:10 nitro Nascar trucks with just 0.8 seconds over Flack. Graham Raistrick from the UK finished 1 lap down on the 2 front runners in 3rd place.

Video of the Pro Super final, must watch... and share!

Congrats to t... read more


22.12.2017   1 comment   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


After 3 titles in 1:12 10.5T Spec, Dana Bailes finally got his 1:12 modified Open title in 2017. The American racer had to shrub off Mathias Nedrebø (Norway) and Dominic Greier (Germany) who were charging hard on Bailes but he didn't blink. Bailes drove a faultless race from start to finish and after Nedrebø double-crashed in lap 19 costing him almost 5 seconds the heat was off. Greier slipped in front of the Norwegian as well to finish 2nd 3.5 seconds down on Dane 'Mr. Consistency' Bailes. A bad opening lap of 13.998, but then 13.167 average and a fastest lap 12.882. A deserved winner. Congrats to the podium finishers!

1.|Dana Bailes|US|37 08:07.992 2.|Dominic Greiner|DE|37|08:11.314 3.|Mathias Nedrebø|NO|36|08:00.626 4.|Allan O'Brien|GB|36|08:04.498 5.|Graham Raistrick|GB|36|08:06.234 6.|Carson Yeung|HK|36|08:11.530 7.|Gary Crowell|US|35|08:01.182 8.|Atsushi Hasegawa|JP|35|08:01.578 9.|Hijrah Saputra|ID|34|08:09.180 10.|Michitaka Yanagisawa|JP||DNF

... read more


22.12.2017   3 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Martin Wollanka from Austria scored another VRC Worlds title at RallyX 3, dominating the 10 minute main final, leading from start to finish. Just one big mistake in the very last lap but with over a lap on runner up Robert Hillman his victory was never in danger. The battle for second was between Hillman (Sweden) and Carson Yeung from Hong Kong. It was all or nothing for the Swede, apparently he was in demolition mode this main final as he crashed 6 or 7 times in the course of just 10 minutes but was able to come back every time to still finish 2nd in the end, beating the steady Yeung.

Watch the video with exciting commentary by Mike Garrison, one of his best for sure.

OPEN Final

1.|Martin Wollanka|AT|27|10:05.763|
2.|Robert Hillman|SE|26|10:04.077|
3.|Carson Yeung|HK|26|10:09.657|
4.|Gary Crowell|US|26|10:11.243|
5.|Fred Fouilland|FR|25|10:00.303|
6.|Marshall Kirkholm|US|25|10:10.237|
7.|Arturas Svoba|LT|25|10:22.289|
8.|Valeriy Kornilov|RU|25|10:26.729|
9.|Nuno Lourenco|PT|24|... read more

2017 VRC WORLDS 1:10 ISTC 13.5T SPEC Carpet 7 FB

15.12.2017   11 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Report by JP racing videos


Fabulous new track, Carpet 7 FB hosted the 1:10 electric tc spec race.

PRO level


In the qualifying round, Spanish Jhonny Hernandez was the fastest. Hernandez averaging 14,721, he left the Norwegian Mathias Nedrebo in 0.24 seconds behind. Belgian Daan Haling was also in a hurry, staying 1.1 seconds behind Hernandez. Skilful German Tobias Seidl was fourth and American Dana Bailes fifth fastest, Seidl was 1.7 and Bailes 2.1 seconds behind the top qualifier.


In the semifinal round Norwegian Nedrebo succeeded perfectly. With an average of 14,620, he was 1.7 seconds faster than Haling in second place. Haling also did really well because the qualifying round winner Hernandez stayed behind him with 0.4 seconds margin. Frenchman Alexander D... read more


15.12.2017   6 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


PRO class

Warren Jones from the USA has retained his title in 1:8 electric buggy Spec class. The 2016 Champ had to drive his socks off to take the 2017 title after a poor start. Poor that is loosing 1.5 seconds in the opening lap, 0.9 seconds in lap 4 and 0.7 seconds in lap 6... That's how closely cotested this Pro A-Main final was. Jordan Lot from France took the early lead with his fellow Frenchman Gaetan Anger in hot persuit. A bad mistake by Anger in lap 4 cost him 3 seconds and he was then passed by Jones to take second behind Lot. It was until 3 laps before the end that Jones had finally caught up with Lot after a small mistake costing him half a second, and managed to pass him. As the only driver to do 2 sub-40 second laps Warren Jones was crowned 2017 VRC World Champion, despite crashing his car on the finishline... Just 13 seconds separated the top-8 finishers in this A-Main. Must watch video!

PRO class

1.|Warren Jones|US|12|08:24.269
2.|Jordan Lot|FR|12|08:25.000 ... read more


15.12.2017   2 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Joshua Berman is the undisputed 2017 VRC World Champion in 1:10 nitro sedans. After winning Spec class 2 weeks earlier, Berman now reigned again in modified class, taking the wholeshot at the start and never looked back. He benefited from his closest challenger, Giordano, strategy to do a tire change half way which cost him some 15 seconds extra. Giordano had the faster pace the 2nd half of the race but fell 4 seconds short of catching the flying American. Excluding pitstops Berman drove an impacable 21.460 average (without pitstops) with a fastest lap of 21.62. Giordano's pace was 21.338 average!

'Good old' Graham Raistrick from the UK secured 3rd spot 9 seconds behind Giordano.

Open class

1.|Joshua Berman|US|124|45:04.068
2.|Andrea Giordano|IT|124|45:08.960
3.|Graham Raistrick|GB|123|45:17.408
4.|Nuno Lourenco|PT|122|45:14.098
5.|Gary Crowell|US|120|45:05.284
6.|Olivier Meunier|DE|120|45:11.114
7.|Milan Peka|CZ|119|45:04.142
8.|David LALANNE|FR|119|45:04.528
9.|Philippe Gross|... read more

Event report for: 2017 VRC WORLDS 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES SPEC

08.12.2017   13 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Lot takes PRO, Carcia SPORTS and Dillon CLUB

PRO level
The featured A-Main (check out the video) is Pro class which showed some exciting competition between Lot, Jones and Wollanka. Lot was super consistent the whole 30 minute final, 1 small error in lap 39 cost him just 1 second! Jones and Wollanka chased him down lap after lap but simply lost more time in their charge to catch up with Lot. Wollanka's error in lap 27 cost him 5 seconds and 2nd place to Jones. Wollanka stretched his pitstops to the max and could therefore take the lead in lap 37 but a late splash and dash in lap 40 put him back in 3rd. There were just 2 sub-40 seconds laps, and they were squeezed out by Jordan Lot in lap 42 and 43, a true World Champion!

1.|Jordan Lot|FR|44|30:17.634
2.|Warren Jones|US|44|30:21.392
3.|Martin Wollanka|AT|44|30:24.372
4.|Gaetan ANGER|FR|44|30:38.289
5.|Ely Rojas|US|43|30:19.626
6.|Robert Hillman|SE|43|30:23.663
7.|Erwan Poulin|FR|43|30:33.123
8.|Andrea Giordano|IT|43|30:33.7... read more

Event report for: 2017 VRC WORLDS 1:12 ELECTRIC SPORTSCARS 10.5T

08.12.2017   1 comment   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Bailes, Saputra and Zimmermann divide the titles in 1:12 105T


This time we start with the closest A-Main in 1:12 10.5T Spec, which was Club level (see video). The 8 minute A-Main was between Zimmermann, Condes and Lavrentyev all the way, tossing top positions all the time. In the middle of the race it looked like Condes was running away with it having led most of it. But Lavrentyev was pressing hard with Zimmermann in the waiting seat to grab the cvhance when it would come. Lavrentyev started making small mistakes, in fact 3 times he hit the corner marker at the beginning of the back straight throwing him out of contention. Towards the end, with Condos leading, Zimmermann put more pressure on him and managed to take the lead 4 laps before the end, and didn't give it away.

CLUB class

1.|Henrik Zimmermann|DE|32|08:07.286
2.|Luis Condes|ES|32|08:07.422
3.|Denis Lavrentyev|RU|32|08:10.988
4.|Bryan Thomson|GB|31|08:04.836
5.|Jason Platt|US|31|08:14.374
6.|Fred Bondonn... read more

Event report for: 2017 VRC WORLDS 1:8 NITRO SPORTSCARS SPEC

08.12.2017   10 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Report by Kevin Bacon

The 1/8 Nitro On-Road Spec VRC World Championship was a war of the “Beasts”. “Monster” Martin Wollanka (AT) and “Juggernaut” Joshua Berman (US) clashed in Cincinnati.


Qualifying opened up with several racers posting 15 lap runs. However, Kevin Bacon (US) was the first to break two barriers; 16 laps and sub 20 second laps. Bacon’s run of 16 laps in 5:15.210 set the pace initially with an average lap of 19.7 seconds. The Juggernaut was the first “Beast” to post a qualifying run. Berman’s initial run of 16 laps in 5:14.386 surpassed Bacon and put Berman into the TQ position. Berman’s run remained the top qualifying run until the “Monster” arrived. Wollanka posted a run of 16 laps in 5:12.154 with an average lap of 19.509 seconds. Berman responded with several runs of 16 laps in 5:12, but none faster than the Monster. Then, in his final qualifier, the Juggernaut went for ... read more


07.12.2017   3 comments   Category: Site news


A new oval track has been added to the VRC oval track selection: MELZO OVAL
The track is 186m long and features a tight Turn 1 and a very wide and fast sweeper Turn 2.

The track is released especially for the 2017 VRC Worlds and will host 3 Oval Worlds, starting with the 1:10 nitro Nascar trucks on Saturday Dec. 9, the 1:10 electric Nascar trucks on Dec. 16 and the 1:8 nitro Nascar trucks on Dec. 23.

All 3 events will use the bump-up system with the top-2 after qulifying going straight to the Super final, and from semi finals 1-2-3-4 the first 2 from each semi final will go to the Super final. The top-200 after qualifying will all race in the semi finals but only those in the first 4 semi finals will have a shot at the Super final. All semi finalsts can still move up to the B-Main! The top-100 after the semi finals will proceed to the 3rd round Main finals.

The 2017 VRC Oval Worlds events will be raced in Club, Sports and Pro racer clas... read more


01.12.2017   8 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Report by Kevin Bacon

The 2017 VRC Nitro On-Road World Championships got underway with the first event, the 1/10 Nitro On-Road Spec Class. There were 110 racers from all over the globe who competed in the year-end finale, all hoping to obtain the coveted crown of VRC World Champion. Cincinnati 2003 was racetrack location. One mistake could cost racers seconds on the large, high-speed Cincinnati racecourse. As such, clean, consistent laps, with tight lines were essential in every round of the competition.

Pro level

“Juggernaut” Joshua Berman of the United States, who took home the 1/10 Nitro Spec crown in 2016, looked to make a repeat performance in 2017. However, this year’s competition was tight for the Juggernaut. Berman kept his composure in qualifying and claimed the top qualifying (‘TQ’) position with a run of 13 laps 5:06.738. Finland’s Jukka-Pekka Huhtala (‘Jupe’) was hot on Berman’s heels with a qualifying... read more


01.12.2017   2 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available


Gaetan Anger from France has added a third title to his 2017 VRC Worlds campaign by winning 1:10 short course spec class at the new track Buggyland Fuencarral, Spain.

He has already won RallyX Spec in Pro class, and 1:10 nitro sedans spec in Sport class. This victory came after another hard fought battle, this time with Joan Espasa from Spain, and Tom Rinderknecht from the US, these 3 making up the Pro class podium. The first 6 cars finished within 9 seconds after 10 minutes of intense racing. Espasa had a sloppy start loosing 2 valuable seconds in the 2 opening laps, and managed to catch up the leader in lap 8. The battle stayed close till lap 13 where a small mistake lost him a second on the leader. Rinderwalt had to fight hard for 3rd place with Jordan Lot from France, finishing just 2/10 ahead fo the Frenchman.

Anger again displayed great form, with all his laps in the 42 seconds, like clockwork! A well deserved Worlds title, congrats!

PRO Class

1|Gaetan ANGER|FR|14|10:1... read more


01.12.2017   4 comments   Category: Event publications   Video: 1 available



In an eventful 10 minute final, French Geatan Anger has won the 2017 title RallyX Spec in Pro class after a fierce battle with hot favorite and TQ Ely Rojas. Rojas took an early lead closely followed by Anger and Hillman until he smacked the car into a pylon in the second chicane in lap 9. Rojas charged hard to get back to the front. He took back the lead in lap 18 and looked poised to take the title but 2 laps before the end he misjudged the big jump on the backstraight, tumbled over several times, spun out again and had to let Anger and also Hillman by who were waiting for that one mistake.

PRO Class:

1|Gaetan ANGER|FR|24|10:06.517 2|Robert Hillman|SE|24|10:07.528 3|Ely Rojas|US|24|10:09.106 4|Daan Haling|BE|24|10:09.800 5|Hijrah Saputra|ID|24|10:14.897 6|Carson Yeung|HK|24|10:18.106 7|Gary Crowell|US|24|10:18.368 8|Izidor Tratnik|SI|24|10:18.600 9|Balint Rezes|HU|24|10:24.397 10|Marshall Kirkholm|US|23|10:05.754

SPORTS... read more

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