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Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Sixth round of 1:8 nitro buggy spec serie was raced at Naxos track. In PRO level French Gaetan Anger was strongest at qualifying, as he runned flawless run with 39.740 average. Swedish offroader Robert Hillman was second fastest with one mistake, he got 40.245 average and was 4 seconds away from Angers pace. Pace between these two top drivers were pretty much same, but that one mistake was crucial for Robert. Third fastest was American Ely Rojas. He was 2 second behind Hillman, and also with one mistake and with 40.578 average.
Ukranian Maryan Beresh was fourth, 0.8 seconds behind Rojas and 7.5 seconds from the winner.
Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti was fifth, almost 11 seconds away from TQ pace.

In the final three drivers separated from the start. Anger was in the lead, Hillma... read more

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 5 Barco off

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Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Italian double Worldchampion 2016 Andrea Giordano started this event very furiosly. After qualifying, he was at top spot, with over 11 seconds gap to second fastest Robert Hillman.
Talented youngster from US, Tom Rinderknecht was third at qualy round, 0.8 seconds behind Hillman. Martin Wollanka was fourth, Carson Yeung fifth. Wollanka and Yeung had very same pace with Hillman and Rinderknecht. Wollanka was 12.609 and Yeung 12.686 away from fastest pace. This qualifying was really tight packet from Hillman to Jabin Carlton in 9th place, all eight drivers were inside 3.5 seconds. Final was expected to be Giordano`s, but there was huge talents behind him and nothing wasnt solved yet.

When the grid was arranged for the main, Thorn and Wollanka were missing. But we still had eight ... read more

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 ELECTRIC TC ROUND 5 CRF Lausanne

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Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Fifth round of 1:10 electric modified serie was held at CRF Lausanne track. Polish talent Jakub Rozycki had made a comeback to VRC PRO and was immediatly very convincing in qualifying round. Even there was other great talents of rc racing, nobody couldnt answer to Jakub`s pace.
He won the qualifying with 2.3 seconds margin to French Xavier Deparde. Behind Deparde, was another French Kevin Rasguin, almost 2 seconds from Deparde`s pace. American talent Dana Bailes was sitting in fourth place, 5 seconds away from fastest pace. Indonesian Hijrah Saputra was fifth fastest, but he was almost 10 seconds slower than Rozycki. Rozycki, Deparde, Rasguin and Bailes were only ones, who gathered totally 29 laps during the five minute qualifying.
With his own qualifying pace, and ... read more


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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 NITRO BUGGY round 5 NEO-9

PRO level

Tom Rinderknecht continued his great performance and was fastest at qualifying, with average 27.08 he was four seconds faster than Jonas Larsson in second place. Behind Larsson, was Corentin Richard and multiple VRC PRO Worldchampion Martin Wollanka. Both, Richard and Wollanka was about 6 seconds away from Rinderknecht`s pace. Alejandro Prieto was fifth and Jonas Dalensjö sixth. They both were 12 seconds from the fastest pace.

As the race started, Rinderknecht was furios. Even Larsson was giving him good pressure in second place, Rinderknecht was getting away slightly with his style. This American youngster was pushing really hard, and was in stable position in the lead. But like many times, when you have worldclass drivers against you, you werent allowed to do any mistakes. As the fi... read more


17.10.2017   14 comments   Category: Site news

We have created 2 test events, one for 1:10 electric touringcars 13.5T at Carpet 2, and one for short course trucks 13.5T at MHS 1. These events are open to all, also free-2-play members can participate.

The purpose of these 2 events is to test the new bump-up round system which we plan to use for the upcoming VRC Worlds events.

The bump-up system is different from the current system.
After qualifying the top 1...4 will go directly to the Super Final, they don't participate in the semi finals.

There will be 2, 3 or 4 bump-up semi finals, from which the numbers 1-2-3 (depending on how many direct qualifyers and how many semi finals) will go to the Super Final. There will be just 1 Super Final in the last round.

For example:

Direct qualifyers: 1

3 semi finals:

Numbers 1-2-3 from each semi final will go to Super Final with 10 drivers.

We have one test event using racer classes Club, Sport and Pro, the ... read more


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We have released the first of a series of 3 dirt tracks based located in our VRC Speedway complex. In the future we will also release a dirt oval (Dirt 1) and a dirt version of the current Speedway Long Course (Dirt 3).

The dirt speedway tracks will have no jumps, just dirt to enhance the RallyX experience. It's all about drifting and power slides around the tight hairpins to be fast!

The next events for RallyX Spec and Modified class will be raced on this new track. As we are late with releasing this new track we have exented Qualifying round for Spec class with 1 day.

Enjoy the new track!

And don't forget to Like and Share the video on your social media!

RallyX chassis updated
We have updated the RallyX modified chassis with an option to adjust the overdrive to the front wheels. This can be sset in the pitstop dialog at the diff settings. This setting changes the gearing so that more or less drive goes to the front wheels. Together with other setup option like the diffs and... read more


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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 NITRO BUGGY SPEC round 5 NEO-9

PRO level

American talented youngster Tom Rinderknecht was showing remarkable pace during the qualifying. Something about his skills tells when also Worldchampion Warren Jones was behind when round ended. Ok, Warren wasnt far, and it was just early stage of this event and pace would go better lap by lap with both of these talents. There was only 0.6 seconds separating Rinderknecht and Jones. And it was looking even more promising as Austrian Martin Wollanka was standing at third spot, and he was also really close, only 0.8 seconds away from fastest pace. French talent Gaetan Anger earned fourth grid for the final, he was 3.2 seconds from Rinderknecht.
Maryan Beresh was fifth and Harry Schnarkowski sixth fastest. Robert Hillman who had made comeback, was struggling a bit with rhytm and pace, b... read more


13.10.2017   0 comments   Category: Site news

In the news item about the beta testers a discussion developed about the role VRC members can play in promoting VRC worldwide. I feel this is an important issue that should be continued in a forum topic.

Go to and join the discussion!


11.10.2017   48 comments   Category: Site news


I have closed this topic, of the 40 responses 34 qualify as Beta Tester, together with our hard-core beta testers we will have a group of 50 testers with a good spreead between on and off-road. I will start preparing the beta test accounts and will send an email with instructions to the new beta testers how to access the beta test forum and how to install the beta test version of VRC Pro. Those who didn't qualify did not have a Lifetime subscription, maybe they will qualify for the next round of beta testers.

Thanks to all who have responded, I look forward working with the new beta testers to improve VRC Pro and continue to enjoy new content and new features in the future.



Before VRC releases new content, tracks, cars, a new class, the content is tested in a special test environment called Beta Test. In the past we have invited active VRC racers to join beta testing and to help improve VRC on behalf of the VRC community.

After 6 years VRC Pro plans to ref... read more

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 5 Bash Pit Short

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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5 ROUND 5 Bash Pit Short

PRO level

Tom Rinderknecht and Sandro Cabreira were in top spots after qualifying. These two had great battle of the pole and finally 0.522 seconds was separating these when round ended, Rinderknecht on pole and Cabreira in second place. If it was tight between those two at front, also from the third grid we saw very close fight. Carson Yeung and Robert Hillman served this fight, and Yeung took the third with 0.8s margin ahead of Hillman.

As the tone shouted for the main and PRO level was on their way, Prieto took the furios start from the 6th grid and got the lead. But after few laps of driving, Prieto`s car visited on its side and Cabreira and Rinderknecht got pass. And it was close call, between Cabreira and Rinderknecht. Margins were really tiny, pace was same and only mistake w... read more


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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 1:10 NITRO ONROAD SPEC ROUND 4 Pegaso Raceway Toluca

1:10 nitro onroad spec series 4th round event was raced at Pegaso circuit.

PRO level

At PRO level Massimiliano Tanturri was fastest at qualifying with average 18.075. Joshua Berman was in second spot, only 0.6 away from Tanturri`s pace. Graham Raistrick was third and J-P.Huhtala in fourth place. These all four drivers drove 24 laps and were all inside 1.4 seconds.

As the tone shouted for the main, race was very tight. Like qualifying showed, margins were expected to be really tiny and clean run was needed. Ok, everybody got some tiny struggles with corner cuttings, but especially top4 managed to stay out of big troubles.
After 20 minutes, Huhtala crossed the line in first position with average 18.038.
Berman was second, and gave huge pressure to Huhtala and was only... read more

2017 SEASON 2 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC ROUND 4 Messina Short Course

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Report by JP racing videos

2017 SEASON 2 RALLYX SPEC ROUND 4 Messina Short Course

Fourth round race of RallyX spec series were held at Messina Short Course track. The track is guite simple, but as its surface is guite slippery, it makes driving guite demanding and you have to be very precise with your braking points.

PRO level

Ely Rojas and Ilari Lamminsivu were in top spots after qualifying, Lamminsivu was in first and Rojas in second place. There was only one second separating these two rally talents and final was expected to be very tight between these two. Stephen Halliday was third fastest, but he had almost 8 seconds to Lamminsivu. Hong Kong`s ”laprobot” Yeung was in fourth and Arturas Svoba in fifth place.

As the main started Lamminsivu was on sleep at the start and Rojas got the lead. After few laps, Rojas made hungry cutting corner 6 and Lamminsivu pas... read more

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