News of September, 2013


30.09.2013   2 comments   Category: Site news

We have released the dates and the venues for 2013 Season 4. This will be a 2-months season with just 4 bi-weekly events of which 3 will count for the championship. The format of the racing and the racing schedule are identical to Season 3, with Club, Sport and Pro results for all the events, as well as both open and spec classes in all of the car classes. No buggy events have been scheduled yet, this will depend on the release of the new 1:8 nitro buggy.

Go and take a look at the Season 4 Series on our Series overview page.

The month of December is reserved for the VRC World Championships in each of the classes. These events are now published as well. The Short Course Worlds will be ran on a brand new track, the Silver Dollar 2013 IFMAR Worlds track. This track will be released well ahead of time for the Worlds.

Start practicing for Season 4 and the Worlds now!


25.09.2013   5 comments   Category: Site news


VRC Pro partner Pro-Line has set up a VRC Pro station in one of their sponsor tents at the 2013 IFMAR Worlds 1:10 electric buggy at A-Main Hobbies Silver Dollar 1:10 Worlds track. Pro-Line's John Kelishes inititated this idea to entertain their customers during the long waits between series. Several big names have already come by to give VRC Pro a try. Cody King is sure to pick up the transmitter as winner of the RCX Pro exhibition race early June this year. We could also see VRC Pro ace Favid Ronnefalk come by to demonstrate his extraordinary skills on Silver Dollar, where he pulled off a hard fought win after an epic battle with Season 3 champion Martin Wollanka.

NeoBuggy is doing a full event coverage on this event, LiveRC is doing live video reporting[/u... read more


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From Saturday evening 9:30 PM till Monday morning 11:00 AM VRC Pro servers have been out of service due to a failing switch in the data center where our servers are hosted. Because this failure happened in the weekend it took more time for our engineers and the service people in the data center to isolate the problem and fix it.

After replacing the internet switch our services were restored. Fortunately, and as could be expected no data was damaged or lost. We apologize for this interruption. After 8 years of providing you with 24/7 on-line r/c racing (v3 and VRC Pro combined) this has been the first major interruption of our services. We will furhter analyze what exactly happened and how we can resume services quicker in case such an incident would happen again.

Changes to current Season 3 events
We have decided to cancel the second round of qualifying and extend the first round of qualifying for the following 2013 Season Round 6 events:
- 1:10 ISTC ROUND 6 at Snowbirds '13
- 1:10 ISTC ROUND... read more

Season 3 Round 5 “RC Excitement 2013

20.09.2013   5 comments   Category: Event publications


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

What does 3D Suspension and RC Excitement 2013 have in common? They are both fresh off the drawing board and both were the starts this weekend. After many comments concerning the set-up problems associated with the new model it seems that lap times began dropping like prices at Wal-Mart on Black Friday.

The Track
RC Excitement 2013 is a nice little track with great traction and mild jumps that flow through a 10 turn layout. Driving smooth tight lines is the way to run a fast lap. In order to do this the setup is paramount, this led many drivers to reach into the set-up files and begin testing. Some great files were released and the competition heated up. I predicted that a high 14 second lap would be possible but it turned out that the best lap on RCE 13 is, 15.457 by Nicolas Loriot.


The chassis in the 13.5 class does not support many adjustments at all so all c... read more


18.09.2013   20 comments   Category: Site news



One year after his debut in 1:10 electric touringcar racing at the 2012 IFMAR Worlds in Heemstede, Race2theWorld winner Kevin Pignotti (17, Italy) has now won the Italian National Championship in this highly contested championship.

Kevin raced an Associated TC6 chassis and was the only non-sponsored racer in the main final. His victory is even more amazing if you consider that he lacks the knowledge and experience needed in this class of specialists, for example his car lacked over 15 km/h topspeed on the fast Gubbio track but was able to make up for that with his suberb driving and racing skills.

Since the 2012 IFMAR Worlds Kevin raced quite a few 1:10 electric TC races in VRC to get a better feel for this class. Kevin contributed his VRC Pro racing experience in this class to be able to win this major national championship. (Kevin only raced 1:8 nitro 2WD before...)
... read more

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