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A series of interviews with the best 2022 ‘virtual’ r/c racers in the world…

Wiktor, congratulations winning the 2022 VRC Worlds 1:10 Short Course Trucks at Rhein-Main in Germany. Such an exciting finish! But let me start with how you got involved in radio-controlled racing.

VRC: When and how did you get started in r/c and what class did you race in the beginning?
Wiktor: I started in 2017, 11 years old, because of my father, my first car was a Tamiya I don't know which model, but I think it was a TT-02

VRC: Did you start racing all by yourself or was it a typical ‘father and son’ effort? And if so, was your dad involved in r/c racing before as a racer or mechanic for someone else?
Wiktor: It was a typical father and son effort, my dad was the mechanic since the very first battery I drove, he always said he doesn't enjoy the driving as much as he does enjoy watching me fighting with others on track

VRC: How long did it take you to become an accomplished r/c racer? What classes do you race now, and what is your favorite class now?
Wiktor: I don't know if I'm a accomplished r/c racer yet as there's still much to improve in my driving, but I would say since I practiced a lot VRC during that lockdown that was definitely the time I learned most

VRC: You race on club, national or international level? How many races a year on average?
Wiktor: I would say it's between National and International, but I never enjoyed the international races as much as i did enjoy the national one's, even though I had some great results there, I don't really know how many races a year, but during my most active rc time i was practicing every weekend

VRC: What is your home track or club now?
Wiktor: I don't really have a home track, as I was very inactive during the last couple of months, it definitely was Wiener Neustadt before.

VRC: Usually, the very best VRC racers are also very good racers in real life. Have you won any important championships, when, where and what classes?
Wiktor: I won multiple Junior National Titles, as well as a national title in 13,5T in the 1:10 Electric on road class, multiple club championships as well as some decent results in single races like the RT Pegasus Masters in Germany where I could grab a Podium spot against the very best drivers.

VRC: Top racers often receive sponsorships from the main chassis manufacturers. Are you a sponsored racer? In which class and for what equipment? Always interesting to know…
Wiktor: My dad and me always decided to drive what we want to drive, still I want to give a big shoutout to @Max Mächler for always helping everybody with their Awesomatix cars, as well as to the brand Awesomatix for producing such a good car

VRC: How often do you race nowadays? And how much time do you spend on the track testing and practicing? Or is it very much combined with the races you go to?
Wiktor: Nowadays I only race the 21,5T class which is GREAT fun with the best competition in Austria.

VRC: Now turning to your ‘virtual’ r/c racing accomplishments, you are a multiple VRC World Champion after all and that doesn’t come easy. What made you decide to start using VRC Pro? And since when?
Wiktor: As many I started during the Covid Lockdown, in difference to many others I kept going because I always loved it and felt big improvement in my driving

VRC: Can you give us an idea of your ‘virtual r/c racing’ equipment? Computer, graphics card, monitor size, USB adapter, and your radio equipment?
Wiktor: Thanks to Radko Cernohous I use a Arduino Micro adapter, a 25" Monitor with 165 Hertz, a 2050 Super, a Sanwa MT-44

VRC: Did you upgrade your equipment to achieve better results in VRC, like faster PC or graphics card and monitor size?
Wiktor: No, I never upgraded my pc as I thinks it's good enough for every video game I play

VRC: how much time do you spend on VRC? And how is this divided between practicing and participating in races?
Wiktor: I actually spend a lot of time in VRC especially for the Worlds, this season I decided to drive as many classes as possible which is very demanding as you have to practice a lot and change your driving style a lot

VRC: do you often challenge yourself by racing against opponents by using the Replay options? Or do you use the Event Replay option to study your own and other’s racing performance?
Wiktor: Yes, I always watch the replays of the other top drivers!

VRC: VRC competitions are ‘solo’ races so to say, you are alone on the track and then race against the clock to post a result. Do you use the option to race against other racers who are in the same semi or final, to challenge yourself even more, and to test your racing skills and nerves?
Wiktor: I used it 1-2 times, but I think it's very disturbing, even though I know some very good drivers which use it, depends on the person i think

VRC: Have you ever used the ‘target’ option in racing mode? (You can select a score from another racer in your heat or final and the ‘target’ shows if you are ahead (green) or behind (red) the target?
Wiktor: No, I always check what my opponents drive on their Medium Time, and try to beat that

VRC: Do you use multiplayer to race against other racers real time? Have you ever raced multiplayer in ‘collision on’ mode? If so, does that present a new level of pressure?
Wiktor: I often drive multiplayer with friends, but always with collision off, as I think the collisions are a little bit glitchy…

VRC: I assume you use VRC Pro alongside your real r/c racing. What has VRC brought you for your real r/c racing in terms of setup knowledge, racing performance and handling racing pressure? In other words, has VRC Pro helped you to become a better, faster, and more stable r/c racer?
Wiktor: It definitely helped me to drive cleaner lines and become faster, but if you only drive VRC like I did the last 6 months you surely feel more nervous under pressure, it's the same in every simulator, it's just not the same as real life even if it's very close!!!

VRC: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. And thanks for explaining to r/c racers from around the world where you have come from and what role VRC Pro plays in your r/c racing life. Is there anything else you want to get to say? You have the last word…
Wiktor: I wanted to thank you Pieter for keeping up the work on this game, as well as you bring new ideas into it with races like the MWSS, as well as the new tracks, I know it's not easy to do that.


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