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05.01.2017   62 comments


The new 2017 Series have now been published.

For the regular classes Season 1 starts Saturday January 7 and consists of 8 events with 3 week intervals. The Spec class will be raced first, and the week after the modified class will be raced on the same track. Of the 8 events your best 6 results will count for the Series Championships. All events will be raced in Pro, Sport and Club racer classes. Rally-X has now its first official series as well!

All events have 3 rounds, Qualifying, then Semi final for the Top-40 only, and the Main final for just the Top-10. The reason for this change is that we see quite low participation in the lower Mains. With this new schedule we hope to see a full Main final participation. With 3 racer classes we will accommodate 3x40=120 racers in the semi finals, and 3x10=30 racers in the Main Finals. The Series events start Saturday morning 09:00 GMT and finish Monday morning 08:30 GMT to allow racers from all time zones to have equal racing opport... read more


13.12.2016   45 comments

The Premium Lifetime All-Inclusive membership will be discontinued starting 2017. This premium license gives access to all tracks, chassis and components, including all new releases.

VRI (Virtual Racing Industries), after careful analysis of its current business model, has come to the conclusion that the Lifetime offer conflicts with its goal to offer the best possible continuity of its services, development and content releases.

In order to have a more continues stream of revenues, starting January 1st 2017, only the 3, 6, 12 and 24 months All-Inclusive licenses will be available. For first time All-Inclusive buyers there will be special introduction offers which can be purchased only once.

Of course current Lifetime All-inclusive members, and those who purchase this premium license before Jan. 1st 2017, will continue to enjoy the benefits of this extraordinairy membership. Livetime in this case meaning: for the live of VRC Pro


06.12.2016   46 comments


We are currently working on a Trophy and Hall of Fame feature for the website (finally...).

In the Hall of Fame all World Champions and Series Champions will be displayed with their (virtual) trophies. The structure we have developed goes back to the very beginning, 2011. You can select World or Series Champion, Club, Sport or Pro, which class and what year. With this Hall of Fame we will visualize all the Champions from the past till today.

Of course the trophies and awards will also be visible on each individual member page, here you will also see the trophies won in other official races, TQ awards and 1-2-3 positions in B-C-D mains. Also each event and Series page will have a trophy page.

One quite essential feaure will be that members should use real photos from themselves, not of their car or some other image, it would really depreciate the whole effort of creating such a Hall of Fame. Profile photos which only show your face are really what you want, like Dana Bailes and Pierre Dumusc.

As ... read more


05.12.2016   3 comments


We have released a new exe which has the new 'cars in background of pit table' feature disabled. Too many issues were reported and we have decided, as we are already well underway in the 2016 VRC Worlds, to disable this feature for now until we have had a chance to iron out the reported problems. In the test environment we were testing with very limited available replay files, on Live however we experienced some unexpected issues. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Some issues were reported in the past week since we released this track. We have prepared an update to fix these issues. This update will be released on Wednesday morning after the Qualifying round has finished and before the Semi finals start.

We have released 7 new Rally X bodies. Each of the 8 body designs now has its own body, each design comes in 8 different color combinations, increasing the number of options from 8 to 64! The default body design is now the red-black body, with 8 different colo... read more

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