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2017 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 4 Bash Pit long

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Report by VRC race reporting

2017 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS 13.5T ROUND 4 Bash Pit long

Fourth round of Short Course 13.5 serie was raced at Bash Pit long track.
It wasnt any suprise as we saw Swedish offroader Robert Hillman at top of the list. This 38 years old driver was on fire and showed incredible pace during whole event. At qualifying and semifinal Arturas Svoba was closest to challenge Hillman but even he had many seconds to catch up. Hillman drove magnificent final, and despite four bigger mistakes, he won this race with enormouss one lap distance before Australian Mark Clews.
Clews runned very good final, he started from third grid and got to second place.
Lithuanian Arturas Svoba was third in this final. He started from second grid but he had six bigger mistakes and these allowed Clews to get second place.

Hillman was at own level

French Gaetan Anger... read more

2017 SEASON 1 1:8 RALLY-X ROUND 3 Messina X

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Report by VRC race reporting

SEASON 1 2017 RALLY X ROUND 3 Messina X

Third round of RallyX modified continued at MessinaX track. Earlier in here, spec class was raced and drivers had huge struggles with backstraight jump. Even race organizer got lot of complains about this issue, but in the end, it gave lot of exitement for the spec race.

At modified class, that particular jump didnt was no big deal, as drivers had more power to control that flight. Swedish offroader Robert Hillman showed magnificent skills and totally crushed others at main final. Because of very slippery behaviour, this modified RallyX class needs talented offroader hands, and Robert proved this, by hitting so consistent run and nobody couldnt answer that. When race ended, Robert was almost one lap ahead second place driver Carson Yeung. Italian Tommaso Andreuccetti got third place, 7 seconds behind Yeung.

[img=,6... read more

Event report for: 2017 SEASON 1 1:12 SPORTSCARS 10.5T SPEC RND 3

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VRC Centurion, Graham Raistrick of the UK, won the first official VRC race at Lausanne. Raistrick and American Dana Bailes were the only two competitors to finish the final with 44-laps. Raistrick finished with a time of 8:04.420; Bailes was 4.766 seconds back with a time of 8:09.186. The pair was neck and neck for the first seven laps, but Bailes made mistakes on laps 8 and 9 giving Raistrick nearly a six second cushion. Bailes pushed hard over the next seven laps to pull within four seconds of Raistrick, but additional mistakes on laps 18 and 21 dropped Bailes to fourth position and proved too much to overcome. Bailes’ pace for the second half of the race was faster than Raistrick’s, and he was able to overtake Jon Esteban Martin of Spain and Michitaka Yanagisawa of Japan before time elapsed. However, Raistrick’s time proven method of smooth and steady driving proved to be the winning strategy.
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2017 SEASON 1 1:8 RALLY-X SPEC ROUND 3 Messina X

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Report by VRC race reporting


Third round of Rally X spec series was helded at Messina X track. First and second race winners Tommi Vacklin and Ely Rojas didnt participate to this event, but we had lot of drivers to get this just released track tested in race conditions.
Ok, all had some difficulties with big jump at backstraight and it was such a place that you had to be consistently precise and careful with that one, if you wanted to be at podium.

At qualifying round Huhtala was setting the pace to others and left second place driver Carson Yeung, 3.8 seconds behind. Third and fourth fastest was Sandro Cabreira and Robert Hillman.
Yeung, Cabreira and Hillman were all with very identical distance to the leader.

Huhtala was luckiest in PRO level

Semifinal round start to show the truth of the pace. Hillman was furi... read more


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