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We have started preparations for a 'ladder' competition. The basic idea is to let you race against a previously recorded replay of a opponent on the ladder who is within a certain range of your position. When for example at position 200 you can 'challenge' opponents within 10% of your current position, so up to position 180 in this case. If you beat the opponent you move up to the position of the opponent, and the opponent drops one place. If you are at position 10 you can only challenge position 9, so the steps become smaller the closer you get to the top of the ladder, and of course more difficult. To be at the top of the ladder should be quite prestigious. But also to be in the top-10, top-50 or top-100 depending on your racing skill level. All racers will race in the same ladder competition, we will not do ladders for different racer levels.

Ideally you would challenge the opponent in a dual-player session, but as VRC Pro has racers from all over the world this is practically impossible to organize. The second best option is to race again the opponents' replay of the run he made to achieve his last position. This adds an extra dimension to the challenge as the opponent is on the track the same time you race. Depending on the start position of the opponent your position will be either 1st or 2nd.

We plan to run a ladder competition for all the classes for a certain period, say 3 or 6 months, or maybe even a year, and after this period we will start a new ladder on a different track. The challenges will be short, maximum 10 minutes. We plan to restrict the number of challenges per day against a certain opponent so you can't just go on and on until you beat him, adding more pressure to the challenge. We are considering to use a notification system to your mobile phone to notify you that your position is being challenged and if it was successful or not. You should be able to watch the replay of the challenge on your PC so you can see how the challenger beat you or failed... There are a lot more variables we will have to take into account but this is the basic idea.

We believe that such a ladder competition will add a whole new dimension of racing to VRC Pro and make it even more attractive. We value your input on this new idea.

We have opened a poll to find out your opinion about this concept in order to decide to develop this new feature or not. We are looking for at least 1000 positive responders before the end of May in order to start this complex project.

The poll can be reached at:


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yesterday [11:30]
From someone who started in "follow" mode only and now tries to do as many races as possible in rostrum, I can tell you for me that my times are not different on many tracks. My consistency is where I struggle the most but that comes with more and more practice. Pros are supposed to be pros. #1 is #1. We already have competitions in "follow" mode. It's called FPV and yes, I have seen them on an 1/8th scale buggy.

So my vote is to let it be open to all so we can bring in the most people, the most competition and bring in more money to continue improvements. To be fair, the top 3 that run spec buggy all run rolstrum so any argument that "follow" is faster is not taken for a season. maybe 1 track or 1 race. I just want to race as many people as possible for as long as possible. A few months back, I made the A-main without one practice because only 10 people had tried to qualify on my racing level. I vote more people.

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16.04.2019 [12:46]
me gusta
09.04.2019 [13:35]
I agree with Sean, probably best to keep Spec as freeview to attract maximum users and Modified should be 'forced' for a level playing field.
I do note that at the top end against Joshua Berman and Martin Wollanka, it doesn't matter what view you use, you still won't beat them.
Maybe best to start off with just 4 leagues and see how it goes:
1 on-road spec - Freeview
1 off -road spec - Freeview
1 on-road mod - Forced
1 off road mod - Forced
(I still would like the view used to be recorded in the results - hopefully not such a big program change?)
09.04.2019 [11:08]
Posted by: Andrew Bucar (CA) on 6.4.2019 1:21:24 (UTC)
Great idea! The only thing I ask is make it fixed view or follow for the competition and not either/or. I don't care to race against video gamers.

Couldnt agree more with Andrew and Simon. Video gamers are in own series, there should be different series for real view and follow mode drivers...

09.04.2019 [01:36]
Good point on the free vs rostrum views. If possible i feel it would be good to have a choice for spec and forced for modified if that is what will be offered. It would encourage more people to participate that way which would make it more enjoyable for all. I don't feel that free/follow should be offered for modified races.
08.04.2019 [22:28]
Andrew Bucar is correct (for those who don't know) there is a problem between Forced View (Rostrum) and 'Freeview' (mostly 'Follow D' mode) in which freeview gains an unfair advantage (as much as 1 second per lap in some cases!) In 'Events' Spec and NASCAR can run Freeview and in Modified only 'Forced' is allowed, which has been a reasonable compromise. Sadly in Multi-player mode no controls exist for the View position (I hope this can be fixed). The simplest solution is to record the view mode each player was using in the results.
For this new competition it would be good if 'forced view' applied to all events to help provide a level playing field.
08.04.2019 [22:12]
誰か日本語に訳してー Google Chrome translates this to: "Someone translated it into Japanese". Just learn to use the 'Translate' option built into Google Chrome to convert most languages as needed including English to Japanese.
07.04.2019 [20:11]
Sounds good. I'll participate.
06.04.2019 [03:25]
06.04.2019 [02:21]
Great idea! The only thing I ask is make it fixed view or follow for the competition and not either/or. I don't care to race against video gamers.

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