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The new 2017 Series have now been published.

For the regular classes Season 1 starts Saturday January 7 and consists of 8 events with 3 week intervals. The Spec class will be raced first, and the week after the modified class will be raced on the same track. Of the 8 events your best 6 results will count for the Series Championships. All events will be raced in Pro, Sport and Club racer classes. Rally-X has now its first official series as well!

All events have 3 rounds, Qualifying, then Semi final for the Top-40 only, and the Main final for just the Top-10. The reason for this change is that we see quite low participation in the lower Mains. With this new schedule we hope to see a full Main final participation. With 3 racer classes we will accommodate 3x40=120 racers in the semi finals, and 3x10=30 racers in the Main Finals. The Series events start Saturday morning 09:00 GMT and finish Monday morning 08:30 GMT to allow racers from all time zones to have equal racing opportunities.

The NASCAR Truck series are monthly series, 12 events of which 8 will count for the NASCAR series championship. The events have 4 rounds of 1 week each. Qualifying, Quarter finals for top-30, Semi-finals for top-20 and Main finals for top-10. The series are now for 3 racer classes, Pro, Sport and Club.

Besides the official Series we have weekly events for the most popular race classes. As before, the Weekly's is just qualifying and don't count for any ranking or championship. Rally-X now has its own Weekly's on the X1 track, alternating in normal and reversed direction.

Check out all the 2017 Series

We hope you will enjoy your 2017 virtual r/c racing!


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today [06:21]
The points thing is ridiculous, all these problems to fix a problem that didn't really exist(other than making youtube videos more interesting).
90% of the community has been negatively effected.
was this a financial decision to cut down on bandwidth? seems like an awfully foolish decision made by some very intelligent people
today [05:48]
Good morning guys.

Pieter the points which earn every racer for his place are in my mind to low.

I give you an example:

I made the 11th place and earn 15 points (as much as a racer who didn´t started) for this. The 1st place in A-main earn 80 points.

6 rounds count in a racing season.

If I made 6 times the 11th place I will earn about the complete season 90 points.

6 x 15 = 90 points

So if an another racer mades one time the 1st place in A-Main he earns 80 points. The same racer made in the second run the 12th place and earn 14 points for this. The other rounds he didn´t participate. So this racer earn over the complete season 94 points.

80 + 14 = 94

In the complete ranking about the whole season this racer is ahead of me. But I think if I participate about the whole season I should be ahead the racers which participate just 2 times. Ok he made one time the 1st in A-Main, but I think 6 times the 11th place is better than 1 time the 1st and one time the 12th place.

Please work at the points for the place 11 - ... and give more points to earn. In my mind the points from the 11 place are to low.

Thanks a lot!

Edited by author: 17.1.2017 5:49:56 GMT

Edited by author: 17.1.2017 5:51:34 GMT
yesterday [21:45]
Yes, you can drop down if you score a low skill rating.

Posted by: Reece Hodges (GB) on 16.1.2017 20:28:06 (UTC)
Posted by: Tyler Mackenzie (CA) on 16.1.2017 15:29:58 (UTC)
How are some guys that were racing pro dropping down to sport and club to try and sandbag their way to a final?

Is it even possible to drop down a racer level? Maybe they've not raced that particular class before...

yesterday [20:48]
And by the way, in my opinion, the reason why sometimes not many racers did race their lower final (Nitro Events) is again the same as in real RC Racing:
Lower Finals are always shorter than the A-Final.
Nobody wants to race a 60 minutes long Z-Final, in real RC Racing it would be around 15 - 20 minutes.
If VRC Pro can't do different long Mains in one Event, then we just found something to work on...

And if you don't want to work on this then please go back to the old system.

Edited by author: 16.1.2017 20:52:43 GMT
yesterday [20:43]
Posted by: Warren Jones (US) on 14.1.2017 20:33:17 (UTC)
Posted by: Pieter Bervoets (NL) on 12.1.2017 14:46:30 (UTC)
In a real event it isn't any different, in the end just the top-10 run the A-Main...

But at real events they always still run the lower mains!!!
Let people run their lower mains and decide if they want to participate. If some don't it's OK.
You can't wait HALF THE YEAR until June for this "test". You will lose half your members by then! This needs a VOTE after 1 or 2 rounds at most!

In real RC Racing NOBODY would pay a entry fee and spend one, two or more days in Qualifying to be then send home because he was not in the Top 10 of the Event to race the Final.

For VRC Pro is exactly the same!

Who ever invented this rule, please go to a real RC Race and check out how a real RC Race works...

I always understood that the target of VRC Pro is to be as nearly as possible to real RC Racing but with this "special" rules like the new only Top 10 Final, 10 Minutes long electric races, overheating electric cars by hard breaking, Nitro Buggy cars that can do easy 12 minutes fuel stops, I think we move more away from what it should be, in my opinion!
yesterday [20:28]
Posted by: Tyler Mackenzie (CA) on 16.1.2017 15:29:58 (UTC)
How are some guys that were racing pro dropping down to sport and club to try and sandbag their way to a final?

Is it even possible to drop down a racer level? Maybe they've not raced that particular class before...
yesterday [15:29]
How are some guys that were racing pro dropping down to sport and club to try and sandbag their way to a final?
yesterday [12:27]
I will look at results and decide later.

I will consider to change the cutt-off from 40 to 60 for semi final and from 10 to 20 for main final.

To award double or triple km is devaluating the real km driven, so I rather not touch that.
yesterday [09:14]
I think the new race format is just frustating for the "slower" guys and beginners. Every racer should become the chance to race his final.

Yes Pieter you´re right. In real life just the 10 best drivers can make the A-Final. But like Warren said, the next 10 racers can make the B-Final and the next 10 can make the C-Final...

In my mind we needn´t the second Qualifying... I like the old race format more than the new one.

Multiplayer events like Warren´s event are a good alternative, but I think it takes a lot of time for him. I heard for the first time of this event... In future I hope I can race with you guys at a multiplayer event.

Finally I think the Seasons should be fun for every racer, so in my mind it´s the wrong decision to exclude the slower racers of the finals.

Edited by author: 16.1.2017 9:15:40 GMT
yesterday [05:10]
Posted by: Warren Jones (US) on 14.1.2017 19:54:46 (UTC)
Posted by: Massimo Aliprandi (IT) on 8.1.2017 11:23:52 (UTC)
Posted by: Warren Jones (US) on 7.1.2017 19:46:32 (UTC)
Also I hope to run a multiplayer tournament again in the future.

Was it ever run?

Yes Massimo. Here's the last one:

Not aware of this multiplayer event in past, definitely will try to enter next time :) Great initiatives!

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