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The new 2017 Series have now been published.

For the regular classes Season 1 starts Saturday January 7 and consists of 8 events with 3 week intervals. The Spec class will be raced first, and the week after the modified class will be raced on the same track. Of the 8 events your best 6 results will count for the Series Championships. All events will be raced in Pro, Sport and Club racer classes. Rally-X has now its first official series as well!

All events have 3 rounds, Qualifying, then Semi final for the Top-40 only, and the Main final for just the Top-10. The reason for this change is that we see quite low participation in the lower Mains. With this new schedule we hope to see a full Main final participation. With 3 racer classes we will accommodate 3x40=120 racers in the semi finals, and 3x10=30 racers in the Main Finals. The Series events start Saturday morning 09:00 GMT and finish Monday morning 08:30 GMT to allow racers from all time zones to have equal racing opport... read more


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VRC race reporting


Spaniard Javi Ferrando was unstoppable at VRC Pro Worlds 2016 in 1:10 electric spec race. This 20 years old talent won this race with overhelming style. From the first round of this event it looked that his pace so fantastic, and anyone couldnt answer that.
Tobias Seidl from Germany was man of the race, this German was really flying during the final. His semi didnt go as planned and he started from 10th grid. With furios, consistent style he pick up the driver's lap by lap and ended up to second place. Absolutely great driving.
Britains Reece Hodges started from second grid. At last laps he fighted with Seidl of that second spot but finally he got beaten, with frustrating 0.068 margin. Reece had some difficulties with motor temperatures and this affected to his driving.
Another name of the day was Dana Bailes from USA, Dana started from 9th grid and like Seidl, he passed his opponents lap by lap. With fast and furios driving, h... read more


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Warren Jones from the USA has captured his first VRC World title in 1:8 scale electric buggies Spec class at RC Tracks of Las Vegas. It wasn't a flawless run at all but he had the speed to repair the mistakes and was able to fight his way back to the lead on the finish line. Peter Knight and IFMAR and VRC World Champion David Ronnefalk from Sweden battled for the remaining 2 podium places, with Peter slipping by David just before the finish line to claim second.

Make sure to watch the video to see this epic battle unfold!

1. Warren Jones US 25 15:06.043
2. Peter Knight GB 25 15:06.768
3. David Ronnefalk SE 25 15:06.877
4. Robert Hillman SE 25 15:19.688
5. Dan Phillion CA 25 15:32.380
6. Matthew Stacey CA 24 15:01.720
7. Andrea Giordano IT 24 15:09.066
8. Yolan De Weerd BE 24 15:10.934
9. Javi Ferrando ES DNS
10. Tobias Isaksson SE DNS

Nations Cup
Canada took the Nations Cup in Pro class with 652 ... read more


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Barnabas Toth from Hungary has now added a Worlds victory to his long list of wins in previous seasons. He came very close in 1:10 ISTC but ran out of battery just 50m before the finish line, this time het got it right and won in convincing style some 7 seconds clear from runner up James Le Pavoux from the UK, and and another 2 seconds on Jerome djay Delcourt from France. Peter Might from the UK missed the podium by just 2 tenth of a second as Delcourt managed to defend a hard charge from Knight in the very last lap after a crash 2 laps before the end.

The debut of Rally X (or Rally Cross) was a great success with 389 racers attending this very first event. With 2 more Rally X layout planned for the harbor complex and another Rally X conversion of the Messina on-road trtack, this new class will surely continue to build momentum amongs virtual r/c racers. Nowhere else than in VRC you can race rally cars on such exciting tracks!

France wins the [url= read more

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