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Name: Pongtorn T.
Age: (restricted)
Country: Thailand TH
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: not written by member, tell him to do :)
VRC Clubs: TG1 Club di Kevin Pignotti, Freestyler "TTRC", Nitroholic's Skill Factory, TEAM ITALY, CarsRC Racing Club, Team Thailand, Vrc World Nations, VRC RC INTERNATIONAL, Salemi Racing Team, VRC Fast Boys
Favorite brands: not written by member, tell him to do :)
Favorite VRC tracks: VRC Carpet 2, Clermont Ferrand, Toluca Pegaso Raceway
Introduction: user didn't specify it yet :(
Best skill rating: 1:10 Electric on-road Spec   rating: 9.97 (Pro)
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Social status: Level0

Member Trophies2011 2012

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2012 Worlds
Class: Sport
2012 Events
Class: Sport
2012 Events
Class: Sport
2012 Events
Class: Sport

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