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Total distance driven: 336624 km
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Name: Jukka-Pekka H.
Age: (restricted)
Country: Finland FI
Home town: (restricted)
VRC Clubs: CarsRC Racing Club, Vrc World Nations, Club Lage- Brasil, VRC PRO Fans Club, VRC PRO FINLAND, Rc-Racepoint-Bodensee, EPUArc, Road Rage, VRC ADDICTS, Flying cars
Favorite brands: FUTABA
Favorite VRC tracks: VRC Carpet 2, VRC Bash Pit long, Sydney John Grant Raceway
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Drived electric touring cars 2002-2008 actively.
2008-2012 i drived less often.
Best skill rating: 1:8 Nitro NASCAR Truck   rating: 9.98 (Pro)
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Social status: Level0

Race history

161 255
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Car class popularity

1:10 Electric on-road Spec21%
1:10 Nitro on-road Spec17%
1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck16%
1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec13%
1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T12%
1:10 Electric on-road11%
1:8 Nitro buggy10%
62 21 26
1st places 2nd places 3rd places

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Latest results

Date Track Class Type Time
today Silver Dollar 1:8 Electric buggy Multiplayer 9 laps in 05:24.646
yesterday Neo 13 1:8 Nitro buggy Spec Multiplayer 8 laps in 05:11.025
yesterday Neo 13 1:8 Nitro buggy Spec Multiplayer 4 laps in 02:20.371
yesterday Neo 13 1:8 Nitro buggy Spec Multiplayer 4 laps in 02:39.280

Friends (148)

Daniele B.
Markku H.
Rudolf A.
Bruno E.
Joshua B
Klaus Koewenig

Latest achievements

75% official track record80% official track record95% official track record90% official track recordI got professional car partsDay recordWeek recordMonth recordRobot consistencyFirst pole positionGreat precision driving!

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Topic Category Date Posts Views Rating
Automatic refueling for VRC PRO Racing 07.01.2017 [10:51] 0 119
Automatic refueling for VRC PRO General 07.01.2017 [10:50] 0 123
recording replays at VRC General 07.01.2017 [04:50] 1 96
1:8 nitrosportcar spec setup for MELZO Car setup 27.12.2016 [20:01] 5 377
1:8 nitrosportcar modified setup for MELZO Car setup 19.12.2016 [12:59] 0 210
WORLDS 2016 QUALIFYING 1:10 nitro nascartrucks Replay 19.12.2016 [12:47] 0 93
WORLDS 2016 SEMIFINAL 1:12 sportcars spec Replay 19.12.2016 [12:43] 0 109
WORLDS 2016 QUALIFYING 1:10 nitro onroad spec Replay 19.12.2016 [12:39] 0 123

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09.01.2017 [11:18]
Too much Andrea, nice community deserves feedback with reports and everything what runs at these sites!

But thank you Andrea about great compliment!
09.01.2017 [09:34]
VRC should consider a "Member of the year" contest for you...

Congratulation to the
07.12.2016 [20:10]
Heh, i just look that. Wow, that was close. I did few laps badly, but all in all we both did decent results.
07.12.2016 [19:11]
2/10th behind after 8 minutes in the semi-finals Rally X spec. *ahhhh* :-))
Very good and consistent driving JUPE!
30.11.2016 [18:33]
Haha, great writing André! And no fears, im not attend to drive anything special at Worlds.
If i got huge amount of interest, ill drive. Some struggles with my own things, and those are more important.

But i can sure you, Carpet JPH is great, smooth and fast.
30.11.2016 [17:39]
Jupe, great track you designed! Looks great! But hey, don't cheat practice now hehe ;)
10.11.2016 [11:52]
Congratulation for the track you have designed, VRC Carpet 6 JPH, winner of the contest and announced to be one of the location of 2016 VRC World championship!

Edited by author: 7.1.2017 16:02:06 GMT
10.11.2016 [00:08]
Thank you jupe for your friendship.☺
05.11.2016 [14:07]
Congratulations my friend the great victory in Essonne !! My 3 pitstop strategy did not work in the end !! Hehehe
Strong hug
I see you
19.09.2016 [15:29]
Thank you Sandro, most aphreciated!
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second corner shot from Worlds 2016

triple worldchampion

avatar photo to Didi Merkle

avatar photos for VRC PRO

J.Berman and me at Worlds 2016 Melzo

flip from Carpet 4 Volker

close shot from A.Giordano`s drive

close call from Carpet 4 Volker

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