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Total distance driven: 405692 km
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Name: Jukka-Pekka H
Age: (restricted)
Country: Finland FI
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: JP racing club
VRC Clubs: VRC PRO FINLAND, JP Racing Club
Favorite brands: FUTABA
Favorite VRC tracks: VRC Carpet 2, VRC Super Speedway Long, VRC Bash Pit long
Introduction: driver from Finland
Best skill rating: 1:10 Nitro on-road Spec   rating: 9.98 (Pro)
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Social status: Level0

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257 292
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Car class popularity

1:10 Electric on-road Spec22%
1:10 Nitro on-road Spec18%
1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck14%
1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T13%
1:8 Nitro sportscar Spec12%
1:10 Electric on-road11%
1:8 Nitro buggy10%
104 43 34
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Date Track Class Type Time
29.12.2018 Messina SC 1:10 Short Course 4WD Official event 22 laps in 08:02.606
29.12.2018 Messina SC 1:10 Short Course 4WD Official event 22 laps in 08:09.777
28.12.2018 Messina SC 1:10 Short Course 4WD Official event 20 laps in 07:21.355
28.12.2018 Messina SC 1:10 Short Course 4WD Official event 19 laps in 07:06.163

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Jimmy F.
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Adri A
Akos F

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09.04.2019 [13:03]
Agreed it's very time consuming to do reports and videos - I hope we show enough appreciation for what you manage to do.
I find it hard just finding time to practice and take part in just 2 events per week.
If I can get my son off my faster computer I'll see if I can run some video output.
If I can document a slick enough method then maybe others can copy the process.
01.04.2019 [11:44]
Hey Simon!
Bwooaah :) :), just doing these time to time. Now i noticed there hasnt been so much "moving" around event news so decided to "bang" some report. SO, theres few guys around here who has possibility to do some reports, who are also involved in racing and they should come forward and do your reguested/asked reports.


31.03.2019 [17:32]
Hi JUPE, wonder if your could video this years 1/8th NASCAR at Keitune Oval - very very close race with Joshua and Jimmy and include some close 'bunching' with me and the other guys - all in top 9. Also the Electric NASCAR at Collegno B final was a real good race - just to show what fun a B final can be :0)
No current/upcoming events found
These wishes was also fantastic! Thanks!

Great wishes from French guys! 2016

No videos found

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