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Race:from 29.11.2023 [09:30] to 11.12.2023 [09:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Phoenix Fear Farm
Direction:  Official O
Mode:Bump-up (1 - 3 - 3)
Series:not selected
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 5 ABC (1 - 300) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 29.11.2023 [09:30] to 04.12.2023 [08:00]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 04.12.2023 [09:00] to 08.12.2023 [09:30]
Duration: race: 12min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 30, tries: 6, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level


Dates: from 09.12.2023 [09:00] to 11.12.2023 [09:30]
Duration: race: 15min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 10, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - International level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
Final   lap chart...
1Erik B.ITPro2715:22.760-9.93
2Billy C.USPro2615:06.211+1 laps >9.82
3Liron B.ILPro2615:07.857+1 laps >9.75
4Gary CUSPro2615:10.397+1 laps >9.72
5Luke SZWPro2615:10.782+1 laps >9.73
6Dominik VlášekCZPro2615:12.314+1 laps >9.69
7Noah HUSPro2615:16.886+1 laps >9.66
8Olivier M.DEPro2615:24.812+1 laps >9.46
 9Berkan KDEPro2112:00.309DNS9.73
 10Joshua VUSPro1508:29.634DNS10.0
Others   lap chart...
 11Halvor GNOPro2112:18.865DNS9.68
 12Robert HillmanSEPro2112:26.132DNS9.47
 13Marcel T.ATPro2112:29.686DNS9.46
 14Brian NCAPro2112:36.026DNS9.53
 15Rumsey RUSPro2012:02.346DNS9.46
 16Mark Z.USPro2012:02.491DNS9.50
 17Stefan SCHPro2012:03.869DNS9.42
 18Renaud GCHPro2012:04.420DNS9.44
 19Mark J.GBSport2012:04.800DNS9.48
 20Thomas SATPro2012:07.740DNS9.46
 21Akid DatussalimIDPro2012:09.051DNS9.45
 22Gordon SAUSport2012:10.843DNS9.41
 23Roy G.NOSport2012:19.177DNS9.50
 24Martin W.ATPro1408:00.360DNS9.90
 25Wiktor SATPro1408:04.135DNS9.82
 26Eben CZAPro1408:16.197DNS9.59
 27Massimo F.ITPro1408:19.188DNS9.53
 28Daniel BDKPro1408:19.626DNS9.52
 29Markus ADEPro1408:25.525DNS9.41
 30Josh BougourdGBPro1408:26.837DNS9.39
 31Chris K.DEPro1408:27.943DNS9.36
 32Jonas DalensjöSEPro1408:30.068DNS9.33
 33Marc-André LCAPro1408:30.331DNS9.32
 34Jabin CUSPro1408:31.231DNS9.30
 35Mark S.GBClub1408:31.928DNS9.29
 36Ryan MCAPro1408:32.132DNS9.29
 37Hikaru NagaraJPPro1408:33.251DNS9.27
 38Jayden E.AUPro1408:33.257DNS9.27
 39Yann M.FRSport1408:33.840DNS9.26
 40Alessandro TITPro1408:33.983DNS9.25
 41Paweł CPLPro1408:34.095DNS9.25
 42Danny KNOPro1408:35.660DNS9.22
 43Klas NSEPro1308:00.172DNS9.20
 44Carson YHKPro1308:01.523DNS9.17
 45Zac K.USPro1308:01.862DNS9.17
 46Iñaki SESPro1308:01.866DNS9.17
 47Owen V.USClub1308:02.131DNS9.16
 48Peter TozserCAPro1308:02.385DNS9.16
 49Herman SudarsonoIDSport1308:04.612DNS9.11
 50Chris LUSSport1308:04.743DNS9.11
 51Benedek CHUSport1308:05.208DNS9.10
 52Jan H.CZSport1308:05.971DNS9.09
 53Zack D.USSport1308:06.634DNS9.08
 54Heinz MATPro1308:07.615DNS9.06
 55Noah OUSSport1308:08.477DNS9.04
 56Christophe EFRPro1308:08.480DNS9.04
 57Mario M.ESSport1308:08.840DNS9.04
 58Balint R.HUPro1308:09.089DNS9.03
 59Justin C.USClub1308:11.263DNS8.99
 60Joseph W.USSport1308:12.377DNS8.97
 61Corey TUSPro1308:12.438DNS8.97
 62Martin W.GBPro1308:14.194DNS8.94
 63Raul S.ESSport1308:15.863DNS8.91
 64Manuel B.ESSport1308:16.605DNS8.89
 65Michal PPLSport1308:18.660DNS8.86
 66Alejandro UmbríaESSport1308:19.369DNS8.84
 67Svetoslav PBGSport1308:19.412DNS8.84
 68Alessio M.ITPro1308:20.057DNS8.83
 69Chad P.USPro1308:20.906DNS8.82
 70Christian HATPro1308:21.215DNS8.81
 71Jürgen T.ATPro1308:22.955DNS8.78
 72Guillaume CFRSport1308:23.169DNS8.78
 73Justin GUSSport1308:23.245DNS8.78
 74Jörg BDESport1308:23.254DNS8.78
 75jan s.ESClub1308:23.717DNS8.77
 76快乐 老CNSport1308:26.557DNS8.72
 77Jiří G.CZSport1308:26.948DNS8.71
 78Zhao ZCNSport1308:28.677DNS8.68
 79cj m.USSport1308:28.963DNS8.68
 80Mauricio CardonaCOSport1308:29.135DNS8.68
 81Ronald K.USSport1308:31.017DNS8.64
 82Ingo GATPro1308:33.675DNS8.60
 83Colton F.ASClub1308:37.240DNS8.54
 84Bart B.USSport1308:37.249DNS8.54
 85TOSHIYUKI T.JPSport1308:39.432DNS8.50
 86Lutz B.DEClub1308:42.366DNS8.46
 87alex M.CAClub1208:01.231DNS8.47
 88K. T.JPSport1208:01.820DNS8.46
 89Ralf SDEPro1208:01.832DNS8.46
 90Ivan BarnierFRSport1208:02.866DNS8.44
 91Erwin FATSport1208:04.066DNS8.42
 92Zach J.USSport1208:04.402DNS8.42
 93劉 于.TWPro1208:05.731DNS8.39
 94Raffael SCHClub1208:06.657DNS8.38
 95Gary S.USPro1208:09.274DNS8.33
 96Jörg L.DESport1208:12.874DNS8.27
 97Santos R.USSport1208:15.129DNS8.23
 98Ewan MacLennanGBSport1208:15.829DNS8.22
 99Aaron LasherUSClub1208:16.149DNS8.22
 100Hayden BCASport1208:20.015DNS8.15
 101Peter E.CAClub1208:20.705DNS8.14
 102Max B.DKSport1208:20.806DNS8.14
 103Jonathan PCAClub1208:21.089DNS8.14
 104Mason MUSSport1208:24.817DNS8.08
 105James HGBSport1208:25.000DNS8.07
 106Marc DFRSport1208:25.403DNS8.07
 107Conner WendtASClub1208:26.094DNS8.06
 108Anthony DFRClub1208:27.852DNS8.03
 109Rodo P.ESSport1208:28.097DNS8.02
 110Anthony D.AUClub1208:28.183DNS8.02
 111Tyler S.USClub1208:29.203DNS8.01
 112Sébastien FFRClub1208:33.591DNS7.94
 113Brian T.CAClub1208:35.125DNS7.91
 114Eric O.USClub1208:41.994DNS7.81
 115Stef B.FRClub1108:00.785DNS7.77
 116Jason AUSSport1108:01.460DNS7.76
 117Christian BDESport1108:01.522DNS7.76
 118Libor N.CZClub1108:03.158DNS7.74
 119C B.ATClub1108:09.655DNS7.63
 120Gregory T.USClub1108:10.591DNS7.62
 121Tony D.FRClub1108:10.677DNS7.62
 122Albin INOPro1108:10.986DNS7.61
 123Andrea V.ITClub1108:14.768DNS7.55
 124Roger K.CHClub1108:18.591DNS7.50
 125Nick F.GBClub1108:19.600DNS7.48
 126Russell WatkinsUSClub1108:19.645DNS7.48
 127Jordan A.USClub1108:21.274DNS7.46
 128André A.DKPro1108:21.583DNS7.45
 129Erik HSEClub1108:27.640DNS7.36
 130Fred H.USClub1108:28.531DNS7.35
 131Trevor BUSClub1108:30.989DNS7.31
 132Josef IDESport1108:35.172DNS7.25
 133Niko PATClub1108:37.520DNS7.22
 134Sam CGBClub1108:38.700DNS7.21
 135lucas l.USClub1108:48.980DNS7.07
 136Clément BarnierFRClub1008:02.326DNS7.04
 137Todd B.USClub1008:04.943DNS7.01
 138Mike T.GBSport1008:15.274DNS6.86
 139Piotr m.GBClub1008:20.983DNS6.78
 140Uwe RDEClub1008:36.757DNS6.57
 141Madylin CoopriderUSClub908:01.762DNS6.35
 142Ben RDESport908:18.192DNS6.14
 143Gary G.AUClub808:31.958DNS5.31
 144Steve T.NZClub607:58.612DNS4.26
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