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Race:from 19.11.2022 [08:00] to 28.11.2022 [07:30]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Direction:  Official O
Series:2022 SEASON 2 - 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 19.11.2022 [08:00] to 23.11.2022 [07:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 6, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 23.11.2022 [08:00] to 28.11.2022 [07:30]
Duration: race: 20min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 2, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Gary CUSPro4520:23.923-10.0
2Martin W.ATPro4420:23.123+1 laps >9.81
3Simon H.GBPro4220:27.049+3 laps >9.44
4Rumsey RUSPro4120:08.157+4 laps >9.46
 5Daniel BDKPro1105:03.132DNS9.75
 6Billy CUSPro1105:07.231DNS9.62
 7Lorenzo C.ITPro1105:07.426DNS9.61
 8Aleix G.ESPro1105:07.634DNS9.61
 9Dan De La MareGBPro1105:09.394DNS9.55
 10Robsl LinderATPro1105:13.177DNS9.44
B Main   lap chart...
11Buddy C.USPro4220:22.092-9.42
12tyler hUSPro4120:04.012+1 laps >9.30
13HyoungJun DKRSport4120:24.954+1 laps >9.12
14Samuele I.ITSport4120:31.712+1 laps >9.15
15Alex R.SESport4020:04.688+2 laps >9.30
16AJ RodriquezUSClub4020:25.245+2 laps >9.14
 17Marc-André LCASport1105:14.323DNS9.40
 18Associated RUSSport1105:17.586DNS9.31
 19Alessandro TITPro1105:18.049DNS9.29
 20Andrea RITPro1105:19.583DNS9.25
C Main   lap chart...
21Niki DCNPro4120:29.249-9.01
22Klas NSEPro4020:00.937+1 laps >9.08
23Akid DatussalimIDPro4020:01.635+1 laps >9.06
24Stephane CCASport4020:02.709+1 laps >8.88
25Noah OUSSport4020:08.103+1 laps >9.06
26Tobias L.SESport4020:09.928+1 laps >9.07
27KyunG SeoB KKRSport4020:30.840+1 laps >9.07
 28Hikaru NagaraJPPro1105:26.006DNS9.07
 29Daniel J.SEClub1105:26.054DNS9.06
 30Carson YHKPro1005:00.220DNS8.95
D Main   lap chart...
31Jaiden MUSClub4020:18.817-8.84
32Dainius MikelėnasLTSport3920:04.311+1 laps >8.68
33WON IL BKRSport3820:07.620+2 laps >8.67
34Luigi M.ITSport3720:20.963+3 laps >8.70
 35Don HUSSport1005:03.940DNS8.84
 36Christophe E.FRPro1005:04.312DNS8.83
 37Joe F.USSport1005:04.986DNS8.81
 38Pasi V.FIPro1005:06.723DNS8.76
 39David BCHSport1005:06.951DNS8.75
 40osamu sJPSport1005:12.346DNS8.60
E Main   lap chart...
41Zack M.USClub3820:05.508-8.29
42Henri VFRSport3820:20.066+14.558s >8.58
43James HGBSport3820:29.940+24.432s >8.38
44pietro tITClub3720:17.080+1 laps >8.35
45Casey KUSClub3720:18.826+1 laps >8.41
46Ronald K.USClub3620:00.077+2 laps >8.31
47Gary S.USPro3620:03.371+2 laps >8.23
48Brad HeifnerUSSport3620:28.708+2 laps >8.46
 49Sebastien H.FRSport1005:20.592DNS8.38
 50Paulo MPTSport1005:24.203DNS8.29
F Main   lap chart...
51Bourck C.USSport3720:09.537-8.15
52Benedek C.HUClub3720:11.375+1.838s >8.21
53Erwin FATSport3720:19.357+9.820s >8.02
54Mike BCASport3720:23.417+13.880s >8.20
55Mark DUSPro3620:13.563+1 laps >8.05
56Won cheol S.KRSport3520:25.729+2 laps >8.23
 57Max B.DKClub1005:29.566DNS8.15
 58Stöpsel SDESport905:01.260DNS8.03
 59Lukas R.ATSport905:03.240DNS7.97
 60Tye T.USSport905:04.011DNS7.95
G Main   lap chart...
61Sergio D.ESClub3520:14.897-7.93
62Nick C.USClub3520:30.682+15.785s >7.62
63AJ H.USClub3420:01.049+1 laps >7.62
64Trijoko P.IDClub3420:08.174+1 laps >7.58
65Mark H.AUClub3420:13.965+1 laps >7.64
66Sascha HDEClub3421:11.843+1 laps >7.82
67Antonio P.PTClub3320:30.157+2 laps >7.57
68Jonathan PCAClub3120:03.411+4 laps >7.67
69Anthony D.FRSport3120:06.554+4 laps >7.64
 70Justin HUSClub905:16.306DNS7.64
H Main   lap chart...
71Evan K.AUClub3420:11.466-7.50
72Stef B.FRClub3320:18.872+1 laps >7.19
73Jason AUSSport3320:21.351+1 laps >7.53
74David Alexandre P.PTClub3220:22.528+2 laps >7.07
75Marcos Heitor SBRClub3220:52.908+2 laps >7.44
76Eric W.USClub3120:24.274+3 laps >7.12
77David T.USClub3120:24.874+3 laps >6.92
78Steffen R.DEClub2620:09.697+8 laps >6.75
 79Gaspard M.FRClub905:32.757DNS7.27
 80oscar v.ESClub905:36.811DNS7.18
I Main   lap chart...
81Sébastien FFRClub820:10.691-1.77
 82Shane B.AUClub805:26.812DNS6.58
 83Tunahan K.TRClub705:19.760DNS5.88
 84Emmanuel S.BEClub605:48.169DNS4.63
 85Chase B.USClub502:48.111DNS7.99
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