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Race:from 24.10.2020 [10:00] to 02.11.2020 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Track:Silver Dollar 1 AMain
Direction:  Official O
Series:2020 SEASON 2 - 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 24.10.2020 [10:00] to 28.10.2020 [08:30]
Duration: race: 5min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 6, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 28.10.2020 [09:00] to 02.11.2020 [08:30]
Duration: race: 30min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 2, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Charly BFRPro6030:13.863-9.56
2Gary CUSPro6030:19.357+5.494s >9.95
3Joe GiddeyUSPro5830:26.566+2 laps >9.56
4Renaud GCHPro5730:11.194+3 laps >9.50
5Joe M.USSport5730:30.888+3 laps >9.48
6daniel p.ESClub5630:12.514+4 laps >9.47
 7Rob G.USPro1105:22.898DNS10.0
 8Tommaso A.ITPro1005:04.609DNS9.64
 9Kobe YUSClub1005:05.545DNS9.61
 10Jonas DalensjöSEPro1005:06.562DNS9.58
B Main   lap chart...
11Kimmo SFISport5830:09.648-9.46
12Jonas SSESport5730:11.491+1 laps >9.46
13Seb L.FRPro5730:17.057+1 laps >9.42
14Alessandro TITPro5730:28.495+1 laps >9.30
15Alvaro CESPro5630:10.771+2 laps >9.16
16Lee GUSSport5530:25.817+3 laps >9.17
17Tyler MackenzieCAPro5330:30.377+5 laps >9.25
 18Robsl LinderATPro1005:10.692DNS9.45
 19Dan De La MareGBSport1005:17.734DNS9.24
 20ERIK B.ESSport1005:19.337DNS9.19
C Main   lap chart...
21Vincent GFRSport5630:29.908-9.14
22Niki DCNPro5530:00.142+1 laps >9.00
23Christophe E.FRSport5530:27.966+1 laps >9.12
24Nick LAUSport5530:32.017+1 laps >9.01
25Samuele I.ITSport5430:09.329+2 laps >8.84
26Marco GITSport5430:11.946+2 laps >9.03
27Stefan L.DESport5430:23.248+2 laps >8.85
28adrian p.ESClub5330:27.000+3 laps >9.12
 29Hendrick W.USClub1005:27.348DNS8.97
 30Simon H.GBSport1005:30.966DNS8.87
D Main   lap chart...
31Brad HeifnerUSSport5230:07.880-8.73
32Holy AIDClub5230:20.991+13.111s >8.62
33Rumsey R.USSport5130:02.466+1 laps >8.82
34Marc-André LCAClub5130:02.677+1 laps >8.71
35Paulo M.PTSport5130:12.426+1 laps >8.58
 36Sohil SZAPro1005:33.054DNS8.81
 37Curtis D.USSport905:03.025DNS8.72
 38Paweł TPLSport905:12.062DNS8.47
 39Jörg L.DESport905:14.669DNS8.40
 40Giannis PGRSport905:14.777DNS8.39
E Main   lap chart...
41Mitchell AAUClub5230:29.340-8.06
42Maria EATClub5130:25.974+1 laps >8.27
43Grondin D.REClub5130:26.583+1 laps >8.36
44TOSHIYUKI T.JPClub5130:32.783+1 laps >8.33
45Emanuele SITSport5030:06.137+2 laps >8.35
46Gary S.USSport5030:39.020+2 laps >8.24
47Jimmy B.USClub4930:26.646+3 laps >8.29
 48Dorian MFRSport905:16.820DNS8.34
 49Andrea RITSport905:18.540DNS8.29
 50Javon M.USClub905:23.045DNS8.18
F Main   lap chart...
51Noah O.USClub5030:26.840-8.02
52Erwin FATClub4830:07.591+2 laps >7.89
53WON IL B.KRSport4830:45.486+2 laps >7.96
54Christopher A.SEClub4730:00.725+3 laps >7.92
55Steve C.FRClub4530:27.877+5 laps >7.71
 56Emmanuel D.FRClub905:28.889DNS8.03
 57Mike S.DESport905:30.477DNS7.99
 58Jake B.NZSport905:31.466DNS7.97
 59emilio i.ARClub905:37.603DNS7.83
 60Raffaele GITSport805:01.629DNS7.79
G Main   lap chart...
61Jan S.DEClub4930:11.857-7.72
62Mantas M.LTClub4730:25.728+2 laps >7.56
63Donny N.IDClub4630:16.892+3 laps >7.53
64Llewyn FAUClub4530:35.400+4 laps >7.54
65DANIEL LFRSport4330:02.480+6 laps >7.41
 66Romain S.CASport805:02.177DNS7.77
 67Roland S.MQClub805:04.563DNS7.71
 68Nick M.USClub805:07.529DNS7.64
 69Justin HUSClub805:16.154DNS7.43
 70Peter E.CAClub805:17.306DNS7.40
H Main   lap chart...
71Jonathan LFRClub4730:04.775-7.02
72Aaron E.USClub4430:20.605+3 laps >7.31
73Jason SCAClub4430:28.077+3 laps >7.21
74Josef KCZSport4430:28.723+3 laps >7.21
75Adam A.AUClub3930:45.046+8 laps >7.18
 76Raphael G.FRClub805:36.546DNS6.98
 77Jon HUSSport805:37.666DNS6.95
 78Marco H.ATClub805:40.971DNS6.89
 79Evil eye D.AUClub705:33.394DNS6.16
 80Willy W.IDClub605:10.009DNS5.68
I Main   lap chart...
 81Randass FUSClub505:23.138DNS4.54
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