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Race:from 21.11.2020 [09:00] to 30.11.2020 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 21.11.2020 [09:00] to 25.11.2020 [08:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 25.11.2020 [09:00] to 30.11.2020 [08:30]
Duration: race: 10min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Final results

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
A Main   lap chart...
1Andrew BucarCAPro2010:29.511-10.0
2Oscar Navarro N.ESSport1910:05.048+1 laps >9.96
3David T.ESSport1910:07.200+1 laps >9.98
4Matthew SCAPro1910:07.831+1 laps >9.94
5daniel p.ESSport1910:09.466+1 laps >9.95
6Robert HillmanSEPro1910:23.309+1 laps >9.98
 7Joshua VUSSport1608:06.074DNS9.94
 8Jomil D.PHSport1608:10.826DNS9.84
 9Billy CUSPro1608:12.140DNS9.82
 10Greg H.USClub1608:15.746DNS9.75
B Main   lap chart...
11IFV I.ESSport1910:28.432-9.59
12Arturas S.LTPro1910:28.646+0.214s >9.69
13Markus ADEPro1810:01.688+1 laps >9.56
14Scott R.USSport1810:05.157+1 laps >9.52
15Renaud GCHPro1810:05.569+1 laps >9.56
16Kenichi SJPSport1810:12.702+1 laps >9.45
17Tyler MackenzieCAPro1810:15.169+1 laps >9.48
18Alessandro TITPro1810:18.374+1 laps >9.50
 19Cristian V.ESClub1608:26.640DNS9.54
 20Valtier L.FRSport1608:26.874DNS9.53
C Main   lap chart...
21Bryan TUSPro1810:01.294-9.40
22Leopold BATPro1810:11.863+10.569s >9.40
23Michael DNLSport1810:12.611+11.317s >9.31
24Lee GUSSport1810:14.649+13.355s >9.37
25Samuele I.ITSport1810:25.917+24.623s >9.38
26Christophe E.FRSport1810:29.569+28.275s >9.31
27Jose PESSport1810:30.298+29.004s >9.29
 28Noah K.ATSport1508:03.272DNS9.37
 29Christian M.ITClub1508:04.349DNS9.35
 30Thomas FATSport1508:06.697DNS9.31
D Main   lap chart...
31Lorenzo C.ITClub1810:08.886-9.19
32Peter C.GBClub1810:21.749+12.863s >9.07
33Christoph KirchheferDESport1810:22.409+13.523s >9.17
34Mitchell AbrahallAUClub1810:22.612+13.726s >9.15
35Steven HCASport1810:23.674+14.788s >9.09
36Rumsey RUSSport1810:25.151+16.265s >9.19
37Stöpsel SDEClub1710:05.120+1 laps >9.11
 38Matthias SteiningerATPro1508:08.363DNS9.28
 39adrian p.ESSport1508:14.252DNS9.16
 40Tim SUSPro1508:21.355DNS9.03
E Main   lap chart...
41Antonio Manuel GESSport1810:20.480-8.94
42Lemoine J.FRSport1710:11.166+1 laps >9.00
43Jörg L.DESport1710:19.532+1 laps >8.89
44Robert R.USSport1710:31.495+1 laps >8.98
45Nick LAUClub1610:16.371+2 laps >8.92
 46Stanislav PCZClub1508:22.512DNS9.01
 47Simon H.GBPro1508:23.471DNS9.00
 48Pasi V.FIPro1508:25.083DNS8.97
 49Dean VUSSport1508:25.897DNS8.95
 50Robert SorjonenCAPro1508:29.214DNS8.90
F Main   lap chart...
51Zachary AUSClub1810:26.363-8.84
52Holy AIDClub1810:30.594+4.231s >8.69
53Andrea RITSport1710:03.831+1 laps >8.76
54Marc-André LCASport1710:04.465+1 laps >8.87
55TOSHIYUKI T.JPSport1710:08.211+1 laps >8.78
56Grondin D.REClub1710:08.274+1 laps >8.83
57Simone M.ITClub1710:22.312+1 laps >8.83
58Victor B.ESClub1610:11.360+2 laps >8.59
 59VRC Korea M.KRSport1408:02.514DNS8.76
 60Colin BUSClub1408:08.566DNS8.65
G Main   lap chart...
61Michael C.USClub1710:09.514-8.49
62Shane DyeGBClub1710:14.646+5.132s >8.53
63WON IL B.KRSport1710:23.000+13.486s >8.57
64Emmanuel D.FRClub1710:23.671+14.157s >8.59
65Mike BCASport1710:31.337+21.823s >8.45
66Thomas SATSport1610:00.032+1 laps >8.58
67Garrett S.USClub1610:01.600+1 laps >8.59
68Dorian MFRSport1610:02.552+1 laps >8.46
69Stephane C.CAClub1510:01.848+2 laps >8.54
70Jimmy B.USClub1410:28.297+3 laps >8.43
H Main   lap chart...
71Luca B.ITClub1710:25.683-8.21
72Masato KJPSport1710:28.675+2.992s >8.33
73Christopher A.SEClub1610:04.120+1 laps >8.28
74Xaxu X.ESSport1610:08.332+1 laps >8.24
75Philippe F.FRClub1610:22.403+1 laps >8.24
76Gary S.USSport1610:40.968+1 laps >8.37
77Hector C.USPro1510:26.177+2 laps >8.16
 78Robert DUSClub1408:32.168DNS8.25
 79SEBASTIAN P.ARSport1408:32.695DNS8.25
 80Chad K.USClub1408:34.646DNS8.21
I Main   lap chart...
81Noah O.USClub1610:06.883-8.16
82Andrea NITClub1610:21.042+14.159s >8.13
83Aaron E.USClub1510:01.877+1 laps >8.04
84John B.CAPro1510:06.094+1 laps >8.11
85Peter E.CAClub1510:08.686+1 laps >8.14
86Manuel Z.MXClub1510:16.166+1 laps >7.97
87Bryan J.USClub1510:18.649+1 laps >8.16
88Brisen BUSClub1410:09.089+2 laps >8.14
 89Scott S.USClub1408:39.168DNS8.14
 90Lubos H.CZClub1308:11.083DNS7.99
J Main   lap chart...
91Manuel JDEClub1610:02.497-7.97
92Erwin FATSport1610:20.968+18.471s >7.83
93Jean-Pierre GFRSport1610:29.554+27.057s >7.96
94CARLOS AUGUSTO P.BRSport1510:05.383+1 laps >7.65
95DANIEL LFRSport1510:10.235+1 laps >7.81
96Maria EATClub1510:20.731+1 laps >7.68
 97Jonathan LFRClub1308:12.346DNS7.97
 98Ladislav P.CZClub1308:12.351DNS7.97
 99Mantas M.LTClub1308:16.251DNS7.91
 100Andreas S.GRClub1308:29.248DNS7.71
K Main   lap chart...
101Eric OUSClub1610:24.812-7.58
102Sandijs D.LVClub1610:36.103+11.291s >7.45
103Mark HUSClub1510:23.660+1 laps >7.53
104Xiaochun K.CNClub1510:31.471+1 laps >7.61
105Andreas G.DEClub1410:03.046+2 laps >7.53
106Romain GFRClub1310:20.877+3 laps >7.15
 107Nick M.USClub1208:02.283DNS7.51
 108Neo SSEClub1208:04.012DNS7.49
 109Bourck C.USClub1208:04.791DNS7.47
 110Rc Douil P.FRSport1208:09.343DNS7.41
L Main   lap chart...
111Hannes HDEClub1510:35.406-6.93
112Raphael G.FRClub1410:04.211+1 laps >6.78
113Luqman H.MYClub1410:19.171+1 laps >7.14
114Adam R.USClub1410:22.568+1 laps >6.91
115Jason SCAClub1410:38.148+1 laps >6.77
116ANTHONY MUSClub1210:27.208+3 laps >6.80
 117Yoann P.FRClub1208:30.191DNS7.10
 118Andreas TATPro1208:35.334DNS7.03
 119ALEXIS ROLLINFRClub1208:48.805DNS6.85
 120Fabrice J.FRClub1108:06.283DNS6.83
M Main   lap chart...
121Vladimir KuchinRUClub1410:25.069-6.43
122Josef KCZSport1310:04.657+1 laps >6.60
123Bill H.USClub1310:22.040+1 laps >6.74
124Randass FUSClub1310:25.889+1 laps >4.27
125Zebulon EUSClub1210:09.097+2 laps >5.85
126Russell WatkinsUSClub1110:53.323+3 laps >5.28
 127Mike BCAClub1108:21.814DNS6.62
 128Hasan I.FRClub1008:50.700DNS5.69
 129Ron S.CAClub808:14.774DNS4.88
 130Sébastien D.FRClub808:47.992DNS4.58
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