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Race:from 02.09.2017 [09:00] to 11.09.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy
Track:Pattaya 1
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%

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Dates: from 02.09.2017 [09:00] to 06.09.2017 [08:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: all, tries: 10, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: all together - pitlane start - sorted overall - Club level


Dates: from 06.09.2017 [09:00] to 11.09.2017 [08:30]
Duration: race: 8min, warm up: 1min
Race options: particip.: 999, tries: 3, direction: official, view position: forced
Round race format: in groups - grid start - sorted by group - National level

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Pos.Member ClassLapsTimeDifferenceRS*
1Tom RUSPro1208:09.629-10.0
2Nicolas LFRPro1208:23.728+14.099s >9.72
3Dan MGBPro1208:26.374+16.745s >9.67
4Jim T.USPro1208:30.980+21.351s >9.58
5Tommaso A.ITPro1208:31.386+21.757s >9.57
6Jabin CUSPro1208:38.000+28.371s >9.45
7Brad T.USPro1208:38.275+28.646s >9.45
8Marshall KUSPro1208:38.974+29.345s >9.43
9Gary CUSPro1208:40.369+30.740s >9.41
10Carson YHKPro1208:43.146+33.517s >9.36
11Valeriy KRUPro1208:44.625+34.996s >9.33
12Nick SubletteUSPro1108:00.885+1 laps >9.33
13Joel LeeUSSport1108:12.598+1 laps >9.11
14Balint RezesHUPro1108:12.806+1 laps >9.11
15Shon H.USSport1108:20.989+1 laps >8.96
16Frank WDESport1108:21.488+1 laps >8.95
17Matthias SteiningerATPro1108:23.277+1 laps >8.92
18Andy GUASport1108:24.963+1 laps >8.89
19Holger W.DEPro1108:26.308+1 laps >8.86
20Tyler MackenzieCASport1108:32.580+1 laps >8.76
21Adrien PFRClub1108:33.717+1 laps >8.74
22Joe GUSSport1108:35.060+1 laps >8.71
23Nuno L.PTSport1108:39.743+1 laps >8.64
24Alessandro TITSport1108:41.438+1 laps >8.61
25Harry B.GBSport1108:42.452+1 laps >8.59
26Peter HNLPro1108:44.220+1 laps >8.56
27Ryan CZASport1008:02.874+2 laps >8.45
28Curtis D.USSport1008:08.640+2 laps >8.35
29Nicolas RFRSport1008:09.240+2 laps >8.34
30David DUSPro1008:10.112+2 laps >8.33
31Steven PAUSport1008:12.512+2 laps >8.28
32Peter J.ATSport1008:16.034+2 laps >8.23
33Lionel H.FRSport1008:16.389+2 laps >8.22
34Patrick B.ATClub1008:17.417+2 laps >8.20
35Corey TUSSport1008:18.040+2 laps >8.19
36Phil M.USSport1008:22.209+2 laps >8.12
37Madyoyo M.AUSport1008:22.903+2 laps >8.11
38Frank HDESport1008:23.380+2 laps >8.11
39Patrick EDESport1008:23.523+2 laps >8.10
40Jacob P.USSport1008:23.809+2 laps >8.10
41isla pJPSport1008:24.883+2 laps >8.08
42Dorian MFRSport1008:24.895+2 laps >8.08
43Milan P.CZPro1008:30.283+2 laps >8.00
44Manuel WUSSport1008:36.495+2 laps >7.90
45Glenn MUSSport1008:38.717+2 laps >7.87
46Anibal MZASport1008:44.631+2 laps >7.78
47Kevin GrodzinskiUSClub1008:46.346+2 laps >7.75
48Karl heinz J.DEClub1008:47.780+2 laps >7.73
49Pierre L.ZAClub1008:48.783+2 laps >7.72
50Jörg L.DESport1008:49.298+2 laps >7.71
51Gary S.USSport1008:49.895+2 laps >7.70
52David BGBSport1008:51.174+2 laps >7.68
53Daniele B.ITClub1008:51.212+2 laps >7.68
54Yuriy TantsuraUAClub1008:54.032+2 laps >7.64
55Darrell H.USClub1008:54.885+2 laps >7.63
56Patrick M.USClub1008:57.520+2 laps >7.59
57Terry D.USClub908:03.695+3 laps >7.59
58Jørn A.DKSport908:06.457+3 laps >7.55
59Martin CUSClub908:09.565+3 laps >7.50
60Gayday VUASport908:11.414+3 laps >7.47
61Mike BCASport908:13.043+3 laps >7.45
62Robert DUSClub908:15.945+3 laps >7.40
63Meen AHKClub908:16.077+3 laps >7.40
64Jason P.USClub908:23.531+3 laps >7.29
65Chad PUSClub908:26.011+3 laps >7.26
66Takayuki O.JPSport908:27.640+3 laps >7.23
67Philip L.CASport908:28.515+3 laps >7.22
68Tim SUSClub908:34.491+3 laps >7.14
69Brad D.USClub908:38.398+3 laps >7.08
70Rene ZDEClub908:42.440+3 laps >7.03
71Florent M.FRClub909:03.792+3 laps >6.75
72Robert DDEClub808:02.491+4 laps >6.77
73Francisco SUSClub808:09.708+4 laps >6.67
74Hayley G.AUClub808:12.034+4 laps >6.63
75Peter E.CAClub808:16.729+4 laps >6.57
76Matt K.USClub808:21.023+4 laps >6.52
77Oscar MCOPro808:28.957+4 laps >6.41
78Michael W.USClub808:38.477+4 laps >6.30
79Stina E.SEClub808:40.952+4 laps >6.27
80michael ZappaGBClub808:45.662+4 laps >6.21
81Rod J.USClub808:55.017+4 laps >6.10
82Vitor FPTClub709:04.283+5 laps >5.25
83Peter ESEClub709:06.340+5 laps >5.23
 84Norman RDESport-DNF-0.00
 85David H.USClub-DNF-0.00
 86André A.DKPro-DNF-0.00
 87Marc L.USClub-DNF-0.00
 88Maximilian H.ATClub-DNF-0.00
 89DAVID Y.FRClub-DNF-0.00
 90Alejandro PESPro-DNS-0.00
 91Jordan L.FRPro-DNS-0.00
(Use the checkboxes to select 2 or 3 results to compare lap times!)

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