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Race:from 25.01.2020 [10:00] to 03.02.2020 [09:30]
Class:1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T
Track:MHS Raceway 3
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:10 electric short course 13.5T Spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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Mikes Hobby shop and race facility in Carrollton, Texas. This track uses the 2012 SC Showdown series lay-out.

Watch round 3 of the 2013 Season 1 series SCT atMikes Hobby Shop Raceway lay-out 3, another epic battle between Series leaders David Joor (TX) and Martin Wollanka (Austria).

Download the 2013 Season 1 Round 3 A-Main merged replay file.

Scotty Ernst Short Course Showdown Round 7 SC 4x4 AMain Mikes Hobby Shop Carrollton TX
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2020 SEASON 1 1:10 SC TRUCKS SPEC ROUND 2 Mikes Hobby Shop 3


JP racing videos

VRC PRO 2020 Short Course 13.5T season1 rnd 2 MIKES HOBBY SHOP3

Second round race of SC 13.5 class was raced at Mikes Hobby Shop 3 track.
Pro level qualifying was very interesting, as the all drivers who got to A-main, were inside 7 seconds window. Clyne from Britain was fastest, 1.6s before Aussie driver Clews. Third grid went to French driver Fred Fouilland. As we have wittnessed so many times, including this, wasnt over until checkered was wawed.

Kevin Clyne was unstoppable

All the way from the start, Clyne was fast and flawless. He was hitting those laps after another, inside two tenths. With this pace and style, nobody hadnt any weapons to challenge him and he crossed the line in first position.
Daan Haling, who started from the 9th grid, was furios. Lap by lap he gained positions, kept his rhytm and trophy was waiting. Swedish talent Robert Hillman had bit different opinion about Halings second place and gave a really good battle to Haling. It was matter of rhytm and bit of luck, but it was very enjoyable to watch these two in the battle. At the end Haling was 0.8s ahead Hillman when race ended. So, Pro level podium was Clyne first, Haling 2nd 3.6s and Hillman 3rd 4.3s from the winner pace.

Daan Haling had great race and pace, from 9th to 2nd

Italian Marco Gianotti won SPORT level with 4 seconds margin to Finnish driver Kimmo Sukanen. Austrian Josef Angleitner crossed the line in 3rd place, 4 seconds behind Sukanen.

Club level race was unlucky to half of the drivers. The pitlane expereienced power cut just before the CLUB final, and five drivers didnt had a chance load the batteries and no chance to participate for the final. But we had five good gladiators to solve the winner. Finally after 8 minutes race, Stanislav Pavlicek crossed the line first and got well deserved victory. But it didnt come easily as the man who came to second place, US driver Jeff Statkiewicz, was only 0.5 seconds behind. Britain driver Tim Simpson was third.

Robert Hillman was 3rd



1|Kevin Clyne|GB|30|08:04.700 2|Daan Haling|BE|30|08:08.355 3|Robert Hillman|SE|30|08:09.014 4|Tommaso Andreuccetti|IT|30|08:10.103 5|Mark Clews|AU|30|08:10.765 6|Olivier Meunier|DE|30|08:13.737 7|Thomas Fischer|AT|30|08:14.277 8|Arturas Svoba|LT|30|08:15.523 9|Fred Fouilland|FR|29|08:04.826 10|Matthias Steininger|AT|29|08:06.314


1|Marco Gianotti|IT|29|08:10.057 2|Kimmo Sukanen|FI|29|08:14.009 3|Josef Angleitner|AT|29|08:18.080 4|Giuseppe Barba|IT|28|08:00.197 5|Putter X|US|28|08:04.083 6|Vladislav Sadykov|RU|28|08:05.531 7|Corey Tadd|US|27|08:12.000 8|Andrew Harris|ZA|DNS 9|Patrik Bühlmann|CH|DNS 10|Jeremy Burkett|US|DNS


1|Stanislav Pavlíček|CZ|28|08:08.012 2|Jeff Statkiewicz|US|28|08:08.506 3|Tim Simpson|GB|27|08:15.826 4|Jon Carey|AU|26|08:05.145 5|Travis Register|US|26|08:10.877 6|Daniel Pariente|ES|DNS 7|Benedek Czeki|HU|DNS 8|Justin Foell|US|DNS 9|Min Dew|JP|DNS 10|Troy Cook|US|DNS



1|Robert Hillman|156 2|Kevin Clyne|156 3|Tommaso Andreuccetti|142 4|Olivier Meunier|142 5|Mark Clews|142 6|Arturas Svoba|132 7|Fred Fouilland|128 8|Thomas Fischer|125 9|Matthias Steininger|121 10|Curtis Damm|116


1|Josef Angleitner|156 2|Kimmo Sukanen|156 3|Marco Gianotti|152 4|Corey Tadd|130 5|Mike Bridges|114 6|Christophe ENOT|109 7|Dainius Mikelėnas|104 8|Dorian Marcel|104 9|G Saye|95 10|Stu Leckie|95


1|Stanislav Pavlíček|160 2|Tim Simpson|152 3|Brad Dalbec|116 4|Raphael Gall|115 5|David Seamark|115 6|Eli Raposa|78 7|Jeff Statkiewicz|78 8|Jon Carey|74 9|Antonio Cunha|74 10|Travis Register|72


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06.04.2020 [00:14]
Posted by: Antoine Rezeau (FR) on 17.2.2020 19:17:49 (UTC) Nice report, keep it up! Suscribed to help the channel.

Thanks Antoine!! Appreciated!

And thanks to all for the compliments. Have been busy with other things, mostly with healthcare.
17.02.2020 [19:17]
Nice report, keep it up!

Suscribed to help the channel.
13.02.2020 [13:07]
JP, good to see you back!!!
13.02.2020 [07:21]
Thanks Jukka :)
12.02.2020 [20:48]
Posted by: Matthew Stacey (CA) on 12.2.2020 20:16:40 (UTC) Best part... "The pitlane expereienced power cut just before the CLUB final, and five drivers didnt had a chance load the batteries and no chance to participate for the final. "

12.02.2020 [20:16]
Best part...

"The pitlane expereienced power cut just before the CLUB final, and five drivers didnt had a chance load the batteries and no chance to participate for the final. "
12.02.2020 [20:15]
Cool write up :) Thanks!
12.02.2020 [13:26]
12.02.2020 [10:40]
Thanks Daan. This was just practice and warming up, didnt guite remeber everything what to be done.
Planning a new style for report, youll find out later on this week :). So, stay tuned and race hard.
And hey FOLKS, subscribe my youtube channel, thats reward of me doing these reports. Thank You!

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