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Race:from 12.03.2016 [10:00] to 21.03.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:12 Electric on-road
Track:Eppelheim 1 LRP
Direction:  Official O
Series:2016 SEASON 1 1:12 SPORTSCARS
Rankings:  1:12 electric sportscars modified, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
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LRP Masters track in Eppelheim Germany, 2007 layout. This typical electric track has barriers and dots to mark the track which makes this track very demanding. It takes a lot of practice to go fast here and be consistent. The ideal practice track for the die-hard electric racer to stay in shape for the big events.

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2016 SEASON 1 1:12 SPORTSCARS ROUND 5 Eppelheim 1


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 5. Eppelheim 1

Fifth round was helded in here, Eppelheim Circuit in Germany. Earlier in this track, spec class was raced and it was wonned by Dana Bailes from USA. Bailes got big opponent from Britains Graham Raistrick who came to second. But now was time solve who would be greatest in modified class.
Many top drivers of serieleader board had joined to this event. Raistrick, Schiffer, Yeung, Bailes, Huhtala and Hasegawa was order in series points when this event started.

At qualifying, Atsushi Hasegawa from Japan was furios. He runned perfect qualifying and wonned that with huge 5.6 seconds margin to second one, Dana Bailes. Third grid went to Graham Raistrick, he losted allmost seven seconds to Hasegawa. Raphael Schiffer from Germany drove to fourth grid, he didnt showed any weapons that he could challenge those three at front. His gap to TQ was enormous 16 seconds.

When grid was arranged, it was pit sad that Raistrick, Bailes and Berman who had drove to 8th place at qualifying, wasnt at the grid. Expectations were totally on one man side, Hasegawa had showed so magnificent pace at qualifying that this would be easy run for him.
As the race started, Hasegawa got the lead, but what was nice to see that German talent Raphael Schiffer was giving really good pressure to Hasegawa. As the second lap started, Hasegawa made mistake and this allowed Schiffer to get the lead. And immediatly at lap three, Hasegawa in second place struggled and Schiffer got more gap at the lead. Next 15 laps these guys were on the battle, Hasegawa`s pace was pit faster than Schiffer`s and he was closing the gap all the time. At 19th lap when they crossed the timingline, gap between these two were only 0.2 seconds.

When grid was arranged, nobody expected Schiffer to challenge Hasegawa.

Schiffer had doned good driving, but he had losted his four seconds advantage against Hasegawa. In lap 20 Hasegawa struggled once again and this allowed Schiffer little time to breathe. Next 14 laps these gladiators drove very intence racing, margin was staying all the time in one second, Schiffer at first and Hasegawa in second place. But this wasnt over, Schiffer losted his rhytm in laps 35 and 36, and this allowed Hasegawa get the lead. But unfortunatelly, Hasegawa made his third and last mistake at lap 38, what took him three seconds and by this mistake Schiffer got his lead back. It was very easy last two laps for Schiffer, as the margin to Hasegawa in second place, was over two seconds.
This 22 years old German Raphael Schiffer, showed fantastic skills and drove well deserved victory in his homeland. At finishline gap between these two were 2.1 seconds. Congratulations Raphael!!
Man at third podium, Carson Yeung from Hong Kong, had guite safe race. He had 15seconds to second place and 13seconds behind at finishline. Once again, like in earlier race at Oslo, this man was most consistent when he runned his final. But with that pace, he hadnt any chances to gain positions in this race. But very stable driving, nice job Carson!

Yeung drived once again very stable run, nice third place in here.

Fourth place went to Heikki Huhtala from Finland. Like Yeung, Heikki had guite poring race, couldnt challenge Yeung and distance to fifth position was also guite stable, eight seconds. Fifth place went to S.Eliasson from Iceland.

Heikki Huhtala from Finland, drove to top five, second time in a row.

In SPORT level Ivan Mula from Spain gave a knock-out to fellow competitors. His pace was totally different than others and he wonned the race with enormous two laps difference. Second at this race was Markus Andreasson from Sweden. Markus had stable second place as the third place went to Hong Kong`g Kevin Tsang, with 6 seconds margin.

In CLUB level Nuno Lourenco from Portugal and Lee Passehl from USA solved the win.
Lee was leading this final all the way to 32 lap, when he made his mistake and Lourenco passed him. Honestly, Nuno`s pace was better than Lee`s, he was driving consistently under 13s laps and this allowed him to get this victory. Third, who crossed the finishline at this final, was Mark Raddenbury from Britain. Mark didnt had any weapons to challenge those two at front. Also driver behind Mark, at fourth place, American Javier Fraga was allmost one lap behind him.

A main PRO

1Raphael SchifferDE3908:06.124
2Atsushi HasegawaJP3908:08.254
3Carson YeungHK3808:11.398
4Heikki HuhtalaFI3708:12.640
5Sigurður J ElíassonIS3608:07.538
6Milan PekaCZ3508:02.160
7Martin KreuzbergerDE3508:08.804
8Dana BailesUSDNS
9Graham RaistrickGBDNS
10Joshua BermanUSDNS

A main SPORT
1Ivan MulaES3708:11.698
2Markus AndreassonSE3508:01.888
3Kevin TsangHK3508:08.102
4Joost WoutersNL3508:13.966
5Erwin FiselbergerAT3408:12.102
6Yuriy MeshkovRU3308:02.694
7Philip LeeCA3308:07.998
8Mike BridgesCA3108:13.630
9Sandro LageBRDNS
10Stewart SmithGBDNS

A main CLUB
1Nuno LourencoPT3608:02.900
2Lee PassehlUS3608:05.658
3Mark RaddenburyGB3408:05.178
4Javier FragaUS3308:03.578 mp
5Keith FischerUS3108:10.008
6Tom EbersoleUS3008:01.884
7Tony DELMASTROFR2908:05.394
8Gary ClimieCA2908:09.122
9Karl heinz JohannDE2908:11.990
10Syuichi EguchiJPDNS


PRO level
1Raphael Schiffer555
2Carson Yeung540
3Graham Raistrick513
4Heikki Huhtala509
5Atsushi Hasegawa504
6Milan Peka483
7Martin Kreuzberger459
8Dana Bailes455
9Giovanni F. Di Berardino427
10Sigurður J Elíasson404

SPORT level
1Joost Wouters537
2Sandro Lage528
3Yuriy Meshkov509
4Hans Guenther Heitsch486
5Mike Bridges477
6Ivan Mula453
7Kevin Tsang453
8Thomas Klingen428
9Rumsey Rammuny389
10Gary Sundman386

1Lee Passehl597
2Nuno Lourenco471
3Javier Fraga438
4Mark Raddenbury429
5Steve Solosy428
6Gary Climie423
7Bob Halliday394
8Tom Ebersole389
9Keith Fischer383
10Lando Landini372



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(Total posts: 6)
23.03.2016 [20:41]
First time when i drove that Oulu track...i thought that ill never drive second time there. Terrible:)....but when you just run and run..its coming easier...of course in Oulu...focus must be 120% all the time. It doesnt let you rest single second.
23.03.2016 [20:32]
Posted by: Jukka-Pekka Huhtala (FI) on 22.3.2016 20:05:23 (UTC)
Thank you Mark:) did great driving. You have to be pleased with that. This is tough track and punishes you immediatly when you hit those dots.

Those dots for sure! Im finding Oulo much better for me! More like the track I race on in the UK!
22.03.2016 [20:05]
Thank you Mark:) did great driving. You have to be pleased with that. This is tough track and punishes you immediatly when you hit those dots.
22.03.2016 [19:35]
"Any Weapons" !! I like that Jukka! I was using a 10.5t with Max boost, no wonder I couldnt keep up with them in front.
22.03.2016 [09:01]
Thank you Raphael, keep up the good pace!
21.03.2016 [17:45]
Thanks! Nice Report ;)

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