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Race:from 27.02.2016 [10:00] to 07.03.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:12 Electric on-road
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2016 SEASON 1 1:12 SPORTSCARS
Rankings:  1:12 electric sportscars modified, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
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Oslo was the very first VRC v3 track. Now available again in VRC Pro. A short fast track with a few tricky corners to get right, especially the end of the back straight!
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Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 4, Oslo

1:12 sportcars continued they series here in Oslo. All top drivers of serie leaderboard were also here and it was waited to be tight fight of podium places. After three rounds, USA driver Dana Bailes is leading the series with 357 points. Britains Graham Raistrick is at second place, 12 points behind Dana. Third place holder is Atsushi hasegawa from Japan, he has gathered 339 points in earlier races.

In qualifying, TQ place were battled between Raistrick and Bailes. Finally Raistrick won it, but only 0.4 seconds margin before Bailes. Finnish Viljami Kutvonen came to third and his gap to Raistrick was 2.4 seconds. Schiffer from Germany got the fourth and Hasegawa from Japan, fifth grid.

Before race started, it looked that Bailes who had came to second at qualifying, wasnt at the grid.
Also our fifth and sixth grid drivers, Hasegawa and Caley wasnt at the grid. But there was enough drivers to give us an good entertainment.
Before start it was expected that consistent driving, this would be Raistrick`s Final, if Kutvonen hadnt founded anything for this round. But it was fantastic, as we found out that Kutvonen had doned his research and got his speed against Raistrick. Kutvonen was showing really good pace and he leaded this battle from the start.

Viljami founded something to his car for the race. But his two mistakes were too much to win this.

Margins against Raistrick were very tiny, and this Britains talent wasnt an easy peace. But Graham did his mistake at lap 21, Kutvonen got the lead. Viljami`s lead was 3.5 seconds after Raistrick mistake. It looked that Kutvonen is getting away, but he got also in trouble at lap 31. His mistake took 8 seconds and Raistrick went by. At this point Raistrick`s lead was three seconds at timingline.
Kutvonen hadnt surrended and continued his great pace, but so did Raistrick also. Finally this battle solved at lap 37, when Kutvonen made his second mistake and this tooked three seconds. By this mistake, it was pretty easy for Raistrick to get this one. At finishline Raistrick was 5.5 seconds before Kutvonen.
German driver Raphael Schiffer got the third place and he had good race against other Finnish driver, Heikki Huhtala. Huhtala was leading this battle up to 8th lap, when Shiffer got his rhytm. Margings between this German and Finnish wasnt huge, but finally Huhtala had to surrender with 2.7 seconds margin to Schiffer.

Raphael Schiffer got the last podium place. Huhtala(behind) gave good answer to Schiffer, but German was little stronger.

Fifth place went to Hong Kong driver Carson Yeung. Carson had really good and consistent run, he didnt make any bigger mistakes and was pressuring Huhtala about fourth place. At the end, Yeung`s gap was only 0.4 seconds to fourth place.

Yeung`s run was propably most consistent of this group. But his pace wasnt good enough to challenge those top drivers.

Sixth driver who crossed the line, was Peka from Czech Rebublic. He had very intence fight against Eliasson from Iceland. Margins between these two were close and this was fantastic. They both got few mistakes, pace was pretty same but when they crossed the line, gap between these two was only 0.05 seconds.

In SPORT level race Brasilian Sandro Lage totally crushed his fellow competitors. He wonned this race with huge 30 seconds margin before Thomas Klingen from Germany. Klingen at second place had full job to defend his place. Drivers behind were very close, Tsang from Hong Kong, Miyazaki from Japan and Wouters from Netherlands were those, who wanted that second podium. Margins were not huge, and finally Thomas defended his position very strongly and got the second podium. Tsang came to third place and his gap to Klingen was 1.2 seconds.

In CLUB level, race was pretty clear. Nobody couldnt challenge our winner Lee Passehl from USA, he wonned the race allmost 9 seconds margin before Portugues Nuno Lourenco. Also Nuno had stable second place, as third podium went to Japan`s Syuichi Eguchi. At finisline, Eguchi`s gap to second place was 5.5 seconds.

A main PRO

1Graham RaistrickGB3808:12.214
2Viljami KutvonenFI3708:05.080
3Raphael SchifferDE3708:06.564
4Heikki HuhtalaFI3708:09.298
5Carson YeungHK3708:09.710
6Milan PekaCZ3508:05.656
7Sigurður J ElíassonIS3508:05.710
8Dana BailesUSDNS
9Atsushi HasegawaJPDNS
10Billy CaleyUSDNS

A main SPORT
1Sandro LageBR3608:01.364
2Thomas KlingenDE3408:04.912
3Kevin TsangHK3408:06.174
4Eiji MiyazakiJP3408:07.172
5Joost WoutersNL3408:08.224
6Jonathan CsernakFR3408:11.738
7Romain LACROIXFR3308:03.758
8Ivan MulaES3208:00.044
9Jean-philippe CsernakFR3208:00.098
10Markus AndreassonSE3208:04.296

A main CLUB
1Lee PassehlUS3508:06.186
2Nuno LourencoPT3408:01.468
3Syuichi EguchiJP3408:06.786
4Mark RaddenburyGB3308:03.940
5Giovanni PriniIT3208:13.888
6Bob HallidayUS3208:16.536
7Javier FragaUS3108:07.482
8Corey TaddUS2908:05.588
9Steve SolosyUS2708:05.214
10Wilfred ChinPHDNS


PRO level
1Graham Raistrick465
2Raphael Schiffer435
3Carson Yeung426
4Dana Bailes406
5Heikki Huhtala398
6Atsushi Hasegawa387
7Milan Peka378
8Billy Yeung359
9Martin Kreuzberger357
10Giovanni F. Di Berardino340

SPORT level
1Sandro Lage480
2Thomas Klingen428
3Joost Wouters426
4Yuriy Meshkov404
5Hans Guenther Heitsch397
6Mike Bridges378
7Kevin Tsang339
8Ivan Mula333
9Andrew Pimblett325
10Eiji Miyazaki308

CLUB level
1Lee Passehl480
2Nuno Lourenco351
3Steve Solosy347
4Javier Fraga327
5Gary Climie324
6Mark Raddenbury315
7Bob Halliday309
8Lando Landini289
9Tom Ebersole284
10Keith Fischer275



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