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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 ISTC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 4status: FINISHED

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Race:from 27.02.2016 [10:00] to 07.03.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road Spec
Track:VRC Carpet 1
Direction:  Reverse R
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars 13.5T spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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VRC Carpet 1 track, This 'common' track has a lay-out shaped after the VRC logo and is quite technical and challenging.

View some close 1:10 Spec racing at VRC Carpet 1.
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2016 SEASON 1 1:10 ISTC 13.5T SPEC ROUND 4 Carpet 1


Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 4, Carpet 1

Round 4 of the ISTC 13.5 series was held in here, Carpet 1 track. Many top drivers participated also this one and it was expected very exiting event from this one. Toth, Kutvonen and Holmström were those guys at front after qualifying was ended. Hungarian Toth was in first place, with 1.3 seconds faster pace than Finnish Viljami Kutvonen who came second. Third fastest was Swedish talent Christian Holmström and his gap to TQ was 1.6 seconds. American Dana Bailes got the fourth and Indonesian Hijrah Saputra fifth grid. Behind those three at front, differences were very tiny, as those were all inside 3.4 seconds.
Prepairing to final had to be perfect, any mistake wouldnt be allowed.

When grid was arranged, atmosphere little collapsed as we saw that Bailes, Fossto and Favrelle were not at the grid. But we had these seven laprobots to give us a good entertainment.
At start, Toth and Kutvonen took explosive start and got little margin to rest of the group.

Some cutted corners we saw from Toth, this was one of those. Kutvonen had very same pace with Toth.

Dont know was Holmströn at third grid sleeping or what, but his start wasnt strong. With his poor start he dropped to fifth place behind Raistrick. Order in front was Toth, Kutvonen and Saputra when zero lap had driven. Toth and Kutvonen were in close battle and these were very aware that mistakes were not allowed. Holmström showed his fantastic skills in first laps, as he gained his third place back, Saputra was in fourth and Raistrick in fifth place. Toth in front was strong, he had very consistent pace and had gained half second margin to Kutvonen in second place when fifth lap started. Holmström in third place was furios, sleeping at start had costed a little to him and now this Swedish was chasing Kutvonen. Raistrick had pressured Saputra at fourth place and also passed, now Graham was in fourth and Hijrah at fifth place. Rensburg was in close range behind Saputra, just waiting these two to make mistakes. After eight laps, Kutvonen in second, had got his ”battle rhytm” and was challenging Toth of first place. As these drivers passed the timingline, difference between these two were only 0.1 seconds. Holmström`s fantastic attack had made result and he was allready behind Kutvonen, waiting to place to pass.

Christian Holmström had also magnificent pace, it was guite similar with those two at front, that he couldnt pass them.

Raistrick in fourth place was in trouble with Saputra, and it only needed one wide corner and Saputra immediatly used this and got the fourth place. But this wasnt over yet, as we knewed how strong guys were against. There was very tight group, Saputra, Raistrick and Rensburg fighting about fourth position. In lap 16 Saputra cutted the corner two and now it was Raistrick`s place to get to fourth, but Saputra holded his nerves, stay with rhytm and was very close behind Graham. But also Rensburg had something to say, he tightened his rhytm and start to challenge Saputra in fifth position. Few times he allready visit that place, but this Indonesian wasnt easy peace and didnt surrender. Hijrah Saputra from Indonesia was competing very strongly against these VRC top drivers and this was fun to watch.
Toth and Kutvonen continued they battle of first place and it looked that Holmström had settled to third place when last minute started. In last minute we had guite exiting battle, as Rensburg attacked against Saputra in fourth and Raistrick in fifth position. End of 20th lap, Raistrick got bad speed for mainstraigth and this allowed to Saputra and Rensburg to catch him. And immediatly in first corner in lap 21 Saputra used his chance, passed Raistrick and now Raistrick had trouble with Rensburg. Few wrong line in some corners, and this was enough to Rensburg and he also passed Graham. Now Graham was in sixth position. Rensburg stayed in fifth position next few laps but Raistrick didnt surrender. Graham knewed that result is given at finishline and he was there.

At this point Raistrick in fourth Place, Saputra and Rensburg chasing. Finally Saputra was the strongest of these three.

Finally Rensburg`s was really unlucky. In last lap, last corner, he collided inside barrier and by this mistake he had to surrender with 0.026seconds margin to Graham. This wasnt nice too watch, as Willem had so magnificent attack.
As time was expired, Toth crossed the line in first place with one second ahead of Kutvonen. Holmström settled to third, one second behind Kutvonen. Hijrah Sputra holded his nerves and came to well deserved fourth place, but only 0.3 seconds ahead of Raistrick.

In SPORT level, race was wonned by American Lee Passehl. He got really good opponent from Swedish Markus Andreasson. At finishline difference between these two were 1.3 seconds.
German Sean Krause drove to third Place, his gap to winner was 3.8 seconds.

In CLUB level victory went to Nuno Lourenco from Portugal. Nuno didnt had any difficulties in this race, he wonned this with 5 seconds margin ahead of Dag Vidar Haslund from Norge.
Third at finishline was Robert Eder from Austria.

A main PRO

1Barnabás TóthHU2405:03.356
2Viljami KutvonenFI2405:04.382
3Christian HolmströmSE2405:05.332
4Hijrah SaputraID2405:08.462
5Graham RaistrickGB2405:08.842
6Willem Janse van RensburgZA2405:08.868
7Arie SugiartoID2405:11.552
8Dana BailesUSDNS
9André FosstoSEDNS
10Steve FavrelleFRDNS

A main SPORT
1Lee PassehlUS2305:03.372
2Markus AndreassonSE2305:04.716
3Sean KrauseDE2305:07.248
4Wolfgang RothAT2305:08.146
5VRC Korea MasterKR2305:09.424
6Thomas KlingenDE2205:00.992
7Jose Manuel Cruz MarquezMX2205:04.116
8Lando LandiniIT2205:04.176
9Hans Guenther HeitschDE2205:05.670
10Anakin XiuCNDNS

A main CLUB
1Nuno LourencoPT2305:09.204
2Dag Vidar HaslundNO2205:01.434
3Robert EderAT2205:05.720
4Peter HaaimaNL2205:08.196
5Alexander DunklAT2205:11.560
6Gustavo LagosBR2105:04.756
7Zach CornwallUS2005:01.432
8Kenny McConnellUS2005:01.570
9Gilles BigotFRDNS
10Uwe RoeslerDEDNS


1Hijrah Saputra274
2Graham Raistrick273
3Benjamin Lehmann255
4Christoph Löb249
5Dana Bailes240
6Milan Peka235
7Willem Janse van Rensburg216
8Nuno Correia214
9Marcelo Borges214
10Olev Pihl204

1Lee Passehl320
2Thomas Klingen278
3Wolfgang Roth276
4Hans Guenther Heitsch268
5Yuriy Meshkov257
6Romain LACROIX239
7Jonathan Csernak229
8Jean-philippe Csernak228
9Jose Manuel Cruz Marquez223
10Santo Grasso221

1Dag Vidar Haslund304
2Kenny McConnell238
3Nuno Lourenco236
4Yasuhiro Morta232
5Gary Climie223
6Jodie Grein220
7Victor Rodriguez212
8Aron Roach175
9Uwe Roesler149
10Matt Kabeiseman146


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16.03.2016 [16:30]
Thank you VKR!!

You did great run, so close from third podium!
16.03.2016 [12:18]
Nice Report~
I can't 1st~3rd lol

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