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Race:from 20.02.2016 [10:00] to 29.02.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:10 Electric on-road
Track:VRC Carpet 1
Direction:  Reverse R
Rankings:  1:10 electric touringcars modified, Overall electric on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
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VRC Carpet 1 track, This 'common' track has a lay-out shaped after the VRC logo and is quite technical and challenging.

View some close 1:10 Spec racing at VRC Carpet 1.
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Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)

2016 Season 1 and round 4, Carpet 1

After Luxembourg race, serie travelled to Luxembourg. As we saw at Luxembourg`s race that winning from back of the grid was possible. German Benjamin Lehmann did unbeliavable race in earlier event, taking very deserved win starting from seventh grid. So, anything was possible, could he repeat that miracle also here.

As the qualifying started, familiar names were at the top. Hungarian talent Barnabas Toth took the TQ, with tiny 0.6 seconds margin to Swedish top driver Christian Holmström. Dana Bailes from USA was third and Britain`s Graham Raistrick fourth at qualy. Dana`s distance was 1.8 and Graham`s almost 1.9 seconds to winner. Swedish driver Andre Fossto, who drove fastest result at Luxembourg with 13.5 spec cars, was fifth at this round and his gap to Toth was 2.4seconds.
Our serieleader Willem Janse van Rensburg got sixth grid from qualifying, his distance to tq was almost four seconds. Looking these margins, there was no room for mistakes at Final.

Toth got very good start and got the lead. Holmström passed Bailes in first lap and was running at second place and it seemed that Toth is getting away pretty easily, so fast he looked.
No time when Bailes got his second place back. At turn three in second lap, Holmström cutted the corner and Bailes got better acceleration from there. Also Toth struggled a little, in this same lap he was coming to turn four and he collided with inside fence. So weird it looked, he just turned too early in to corner. But his gap to second one was about one second, and this colliding didnt effect anything. Now when Bailes had lifted to second place, he showed what he got. Immediatly in next lap he had gained 0.7seconds distance to Holmström at third place and Toth at front was 0.6 seconds away. As he got this rhytm, anything could happend.
After 10laps, race had settled, Toth was still at lead, Bailes was running second with 0.8 behind. Holmström was third, half a seconds from Bailes. Behind these were coming ”chasing group”, Nikolai Håheim from Norge had got his ”battle rhytm” and was driving furiosly. Theres was very stable places with these four at top. Then something at lap 12, happend to our leader. Toth cutted corners two and three, rhytm was pit losted and he turned too early to turn four and collided with inside fence. After this he cutted corner six, collided to fence and spinned his car. Bailes and Holmström got pass and now Toth was at third.

When Toth made mistakes at lap 12, race changed to this. Bailes and Holmström went by.

This was going to be interesting, as we knewed how fast this Hungarian was. Starting lap 14, these three drivers were coming at mainstraight, all inside 0.070 seconds, Håheim at fourth place was waiting these drivers mistakes with very close range, only 0.4 seconds behind Toth. At lap 15, Holmström got the lead and Bailes dropped to second place. Toth was very furios, after his disaster lap, this Hungarian showed how tight the line can be in this track and he was pressuring Bailes really hard.

After that disaster 12th lap, Toth was furios and taked every inch in every corner.
Honestly, there was some luck with him also.

Håheim at fourth cutted the corner 8 at this 15th lap and losted over second in that incident. Starting lap 17, Holmström at lead went wide at corner two and this wasnt allowed when that Hungarian was behind. Immediatly
by this mistake Toth made his move and passed Holmström. But Holmström rhytm was pit losted, as he turned too early to corner eight and collided with fence and Bailles got the second place. That mistake costed over second to Holmström.
But this 33years old Swedish talent hadnt surrender yet, he was pushing really hard but so was Bailes at second place. Holmström was driving pit tighter line than Bailes and he got Bailes within striking distance. Finally Bailes hold his nerves and came to second for checkered flag, but only 0.3 seconds before Holmström. In last minute Hungarian Barnabas Toth didnt show any mercy to fellow racers, he was fast, his tight style gave him a nice victory.
Nikolai Håheim, who got the fourth place, didnt have any weapons to challenge the leaders, after his mistake at lap 15.

Early stage from the race. Rensburg at fourth place, Håheim and Raistrick pressuring. Kirchhefer and Brule behind.

Britains Graham Raistrick runned to fifth place and once again this Brit showed his consistency and didnt do any mistakes. But he would needed one 10th faster pace to challenge leaders. His margin to fourth place was only 0.8seconds. Graham did fantastic run, but he didnt got this easy, because French Arthur Brule was pressuring him all time inside one second. Finally this Frenchman had to surrender, by 0.6 seconds. Our serieleader, Willem Janse van Rensburg who started from sixth and end up to seventh, would needed one tenth faster average to gain positions.

In SPORT level race Greece Phil Isaac didnt show any mercy to others, as he runned to checkered lag with 3seconds gap to second, Denmark`s Fredrik Brolos. Third place went to Hijrah Saputra, Indonesia.

In CLUB level race victory went to Nuno Lourenco from Portugal. Second place driver, Markus Andreasson from Sweden losted over four seconds to winner. Third place went to Japan, Seiya Inoue.

A main PRO

1Barnabás TóthHU2505:07.530
2Dana BailesUS2505:08.334
3Christian HolmströmSE2505:08.632
4Nikolai HåheimNO2505:10.518
5Graham RaistrickGB2505:11.330
6Arthur BruléFR2505:11.980
7Willem Janse van RensburgZA2405:00.530
8Christoph KirchheferDE2405:00.820
9Xavier DepardeFR2405:07.480
10André FosstoSEDNS

A main SPORT
1Phil IsaacGR2505:10.774
2Frederik BroløsDK2405:01.648
3Hijrah SaputraID2405:04.906
4Chauvet NicolasFR2405:12.972
5Max DellebekeNL2305:02.230
6Heikki HuhtalaFI2305:02.690
7Thomas KlingenDE2305:03.768
8Sean KrauseDE2305:05.940
9Bart AcdaBE2305:06.600
10Emanuel RiplingerDE2305:07.946

A main CLUB
1Nuno LourencoPT2405:12.032
2Markus AndreassonSE2305:03.480
3Seiya InoueJP2305:08.790
4Tony DELMASTROFR2205:08.016
5Luca BottaiIT2205:12.054
6Keith FischerUS2105:01.172
7Gustavo LagosBR2105:05.276
8Francisco Javier Ortiz de Solorzano DominguezES2105:10.214
9Romain LACROIXFR2005:01.186
10William VenablesGBDNS


1Dana Bailes432
2Willem Janse van Rensburg429
3Graham Raistrick426
4Ralf H. Vey391
5Olev Pihl370
6Herve Becet358
7Benjamin Lehmann354
8Arthur Brulé342
9Billy Yeung312
10Giovanni F. Di Berardino286

1Hijrah Saputra468
2Bart Acda385
3Emanuel Riplinger370
4Yuriy Meshkov367
5Marcelo Borges351
6Paulo Guedes341
7Max Dellebeke328
8Heikki Huhtala327
9Joost Wouters317
10Erwin Fiselberger315

1Seiya Inoue447
2Romain LACROIX414
4Antti Silvennoinen354
5Steve Solosy322
6Yasuhiro Morta314
7Gary Climie299
8Jodie Grein272
9Paulo Machado259
10Nuno Lourenco222


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01.03.2016 [16:38]
Thanks Pieter!
01.03.2016 [13:16]
super report once more!!! Interesting to see the Series standings as well!

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