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Race:from 09.01.2016 [10:00] to 18.01.2016 [09:00]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy Spec
Track:Buenos Aires Speed Paradise
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 50%
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Buenos Aires Worlds track Speed Paradise, host of the 2012 IFMAR Worlds.
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Event report for: 2016 SEASON 1 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY SPEC ROUND 1



Race Report by Larry Blair (VRC Pro Race Reporter)

It is unbelievable at the amount of talent that makes laps on these tracks in VRC Pro, we truly have the best racers in the world competing on this game folks. The best tracks that were ever raced on are all in this game and its awesome that we as a race community have the opportunity to be able to compete worldwide.

With that being said, lets cover race 1 Pro A main

The 2016 1/8 Spec E-buggy season kicked off at Buenos Aires with some of the top drivers in the game in attendance to put their name in the mix to be crowned season 1 champion. The competition was tough throughout the field and in the end the distance between everyone was close enough that it could have been anyone's race. the top 2 guys finished with 14 laps while the remainder finished with 13, but Warren Jones would really prove to be dominate in this one.

At the buzzer Robert hillman got the jump and went to the lead but warren jones was right on his wing and at the end of lap Hillman sits in 1st with Jones 0.2 sec behind in 2nd. Dan Phillion sets in 3rd only 0.4 sec behind Warren Jones. Half way through the first lap, here comes Jerome djay Delcourt into the battle just behind Dan Phillion by only 0.6 sec. Delcourt takes over 3rd from Phillion towards the end of the lap, so the top 3 at the end of lap 1 are Jones, Hillman, Delcourt. Hillman and Delcourt would battle the next 2 laps for position and Phillion followed closely in 4th waiting and it paid off when he capitalized on a Delcourt crash at the end of lap 2 and jumped back in to 3rd. Lap 5 Phillion would take over 2nd from Hillman, Jones is out front with a 2.4 sec lead.

On lap 6 Dan Phillion would crash into the pipe and let Robert Hillman pull away in a solid 2nd position. Delcourt is back into the race for 3rd with Phillion and is only 0.2 sec back in 4th position. Lap 9 Delcourt made his move up to 3rd position and try and secure that early season podium finish, but on a crash into the pipe lap 10 saw Dan Phillion back to 3rd by 0.3 sec. Luck is on Delcourt's side, lap 11 Phillion has a big crash around the concrete turn and this gives a solid 3rd spot to Delcourt and hes closing in on Hillman still running in 2nd. Delcourt would hold on to get that podium finish.

In the end after a tough battle Warren Jones outlasted the competetion and would take the victory.

All race Results below

Pro Spec E-Buggy A Main Race Results

1.Warren JonesUS USA1410:34.7291
2.Robert HillmanSE Sweden1410:39.7322
3.Jerome djay DelcourtFR France1310:00.5037
4.Dan PhillionCA Canada1310:06.2683
5.Matthew StaceyCA Canada1310:07.4326
6.Florent MahoudeauFR France1310:07.9558
7.Anthony HonstainUS USA1310:20.18010
8.Antoine RossettiFR France DNFn/a
9.Sandro CabreiraBR Brazil DNFn/a
10.Brian StrangeUS USA DNFn/a

Sport Spec E-Buggy A Main Race Results
1.Jim TurnerUS USA1310:19.2235
2.Michael OlsljungSE Sweden1310:20.6289
3.Arturas SvobaLT Lithuania1310:22.9664
4.Jim MerrittsUS USA1310:24.0097
5.Grzegorz BlaszczakPL Poland1310:25.1122
6.Peter HaaimaNL Netherlands1310:26.9001
7.Danny KwiatkowskiNO Norway1310:28.3386
8.Robert SorjonenCA Canada1310:30.6913
9.Mathis LouchartFR France DNFn/a
10.Marco StettlerCH Switzerland DNFn/a

Club Spec E-Buggy A Main Race Results
1.Philippe LachatFR France1310:12.0974
2.Leonardo ValenteIT Italy1310:17.2621
3.Net T4CN China1310:22.4125
4.Arnaud FEDRICQFR France1310:28.7038
5.Mark ClewsAU Australia1310:31.87410
6.Philippe GrossCH Switzerland1310:32.0976
7.Josef AngleitnerAT Austria1310:37.0069
8.Marco QuagliaIT Italy1310:46.4462
9.Christophe DELAMAREFR France DNFn/a
10.Alan ReevesGB United Kingdom DNFn/a


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(Total posts: 5)
18.02.2016 [05:49]
Nice work Larry, thanks for your efforts!
Really enjoy reading these reports.
17.02.2016 [23:36]
Thanks guys for the compliments. As time goes by and we get further into the season, you will start to see more coverage from the other classes.Jupe and Robert are right, the other classes have some top level drivers competing.
17.02.2016 [22:37]
That is true Robert, that SPORT final is guite amazing. But this is truly a well built report what Larry has doned. Very nice Larry!!
17.02.2016 [22:11]
Agree, great report and it is fun to read about yourself. But I don't think the focus always has to be on the pro class. Look at the sport class in this race for instance. Not the fastest results, but 11 seconds between all starting drivers in the final. I don't know if I have seen that even racing by so many drivers Before.
17.02.2016 [13:26]
Great report Larry :-)

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