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Race:from 11.01.2016 [09:00] to 25.01.2016 [08:30]
Class:1:10 Short Course 4WD
Track:RC Excitement 1
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:not selected
Rankings:  Steam powered Short Course Trucks
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 50%
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RC Excitement 2012 lay-out
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Report by J-P.Huhtala (VRC race reporter)


Race of Steam Powered series, Short Course 4wd class was held in here, RC Exitement 1 track.
This track is very technical to offroader, and its not any high speed race, when winner is solved at this track. Of course, speed must be there at the top, but mainly you`ve to beware to use shortest line in here.


As the qualifying was over, Swedish offroad talent Robert Hillman was at the top and took TQ with huge one lap distance to Austrian Thomas Rössler. Roberts fastest lap was 15.849 with an average 16.390. Instead Rössler`s fastest 16.219 and his average was 17.009. Italian Erik Bottosso got third spot for theb Final and his pace showed, that he was one second slower in average than our TQ.
After these results we could expect that it was going to be very easy win for Swedish driver, but he needed that run without mistakes.


As the grid was organized, we could see that Rossetti, Bottosso and Smyk wasnt at the grid. So this race was held between 7 finalists. Ok, that was pit sorry but still waited this final, sould anybody challenge this Swedish at TQ place.
As the race started, Hillman got the lead, Rössler at second and what was enormous, Lithuanian Arturas Svoba was at third spot. Rössler and Svoba seemed very aggressive from the tone. Dont know, had these drivers little hided they pace at qualy, but expectations after few laps of final, were really high. After 2min driving, these three at top were allready catching Berardino at last position and they lapped him. Hillman was at lead, Rössler second and Svoba at third place. These three were all inside one second. At 6th lap Hillman struggled little with corner five and Rössler passed him, as those expectations of the winner was Hillman`s side before race was started, this changed that very clearly.

Robert Hillman leading, Rössler and Svoba chasing.

This wasnt going to be easy for Hillman, and of course audience loved this. But allready in next lap, Rössler cutted the 7th corner and Hillman went back to the lead. At this point Svoba at third spot was almost two second from the leader and second behind Rössler.
Next ten laps showed that race had settled, and those differences between three at the top were very stable. Hillman almost got disaster at 16th lap when he got wrong line to triple jump after third corner. His car flyed to wall but luckyly he survived from this one. At lap 22 he collided with inside pipe at turn 8, and after this incident Rössler at second spot, tightened his gap from 2sceonds to 0.8 seconds. Svoba at third place hadnt surrender, he was pushing really hard after Rössler’s tale, now 2seconds behind. In lap 25, Svobas pressure made result, Rössler flipped his car a little at turn two, and Svoba got verynear behind. In next lap when they crossed line, Svoba had doned his move and was at second place, but only 0.059 ahead Rössler.

This Rössler`s flip in lap 25 made Svoba`s passing possible.

Only few seconds was left of the race and these two were in real battle, Hillman had runned away almost 4seconds as Rössler and Svoba were fighting against each other. Finaly Hillman came to checkered flag first, over three seconds before second one. Rössler`s and Svoba`s battle ended to Svoba`s victory and Rössler got the third place.
Very exiting final between these three, as those expects of the winner, were clearly at Hillman`s side before this was started. Rössler and Svoba made this final very exiting. Fourth place went to Hong Kong`s Billy Yeung, Billy`s gap to winner was over one lap. Czech Milan Peka runned to fifth place. Milan and Billy had also great fight, Milan was leading this duo all the way to lap 26, where he made three seconds mistake and Billy was pleased and passed him. At finishline, these gladiators had only one second gap. Sixth place went to Giovanni Berardino, good run from Giovanni, but these opponents were too tough for him. He would needed lot more pace to challenge those guys at front.

Svoba`s pace at qualy didnt showed his actual speed. Finaly this Lithuanian end up to second place.

In SPORT level race winner was Tony Dugan from USA, Tonys pace was too much to others. He came to finisline almost 6second`s before Japan`s Atsushi Takeshita. Third podium place, in this level was driven by Erwin Fiselberger from Austria. His distance to winner was 8second`s.
Without mistakes didnt go this level either. Winner Dugan made two bigger mistakes and these took 11 second`s from his. Of course, Takeshita and Fiselberger would needed more pace against Dugan, who had two 10th`s better pace than Takeshita and three 10th`s better than Fiselberger.

In CLUB level winner was Sean Krause from Germany. He didnt left any doubts to opponent`s, he was in charge in this level. With his result, he would wonned also SPORT level and would got fourth place at PRO level. Magnificent pace he had!!
Second podium went to John Dasch from USA, his gap winner was almost 10seconds.
Of the third podium place we had fare firght, when Finnish driver Antti Silvennoinen and Keith Stoppenbach from USA solved this. They were driving good final against each other, but Antti made 6 second`s mistake at lap 20. By this mistakle Keith got third place and was defending final podium place very strongly. But Antti didnt want to surrender, he was pushing reallly hard.
Finaly Keith made 2second mistake at last lap but Antti was to far behind and didnt pass him. These drivers gap was only 0.2 second`s at checkered flag.

Good battles, nice driving and exiting event. Nice driving guys!

A main PRO

1Robert HillmanSE2808:06.220
2Arturas SvobaLT2808:09.800
3Thomas RösslerAT2808:10.140
4Billy YeungHK2708:09.669
5Milan PekaCZ2708:10.683
6Giovanni F. Di BerardinoBE2408:13.832
7Erik BottossoITDNS
8Antoine RossettiFRDNS
9Arkadiusz SmykPLDNS

A main SPORT
1Tony DUGANUS2708:02.680
2Atsushi TakeshitaJP2708:08.326
3Erwin FiselbergerAT2708:10.731
4Chauvet NicolasFR2708:11.883
5Andreas HirschDE2708:11.974
6Harry BlackstockUS2508:09.763
7Ivan BarnierFRDNS
8Pascal SchallerCHDNS
9John PaysonUSDNS
10Dirk SpanierDEDNS

A main CLUB
1Sean KrauseDE2708:00.094
2John DaschUS2708:09.652
3Keith StoppenbachUS2708:11.040
4Antti SilvennoinenFI2708:11.286
5Derek JacobsUS2708:15.951
6Gavin CollingwoodGB2608:03.697
7Chris ElworthyGB2608:08.295
8Rich ChambersUS2508:05.040
9Iris LahoraPH2408:04.737
10Alex LeemanUSDNS


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26.02.2016 [12:16]
Hello Michael

Im using SHADOWPLAY program to record it. This program comes with nvidia grahiccard higher that 500 series.

1.when race is finished the from events list "passed events",
this is searched inside the game/SIM
3.CLICK to this race "watch/practice" "all results"
6.choose from the list those drivers wich you want to see at replay, max 10drivers "watch".........after this game download all drivers what youve chosen to replay and start to show the video⁠⁠⁠⁠

After this when video is "rolling"...ill launch SHADOWPLAY program and klick "Alt+F9" .....of course i start the video the point where i want it to be recorded. When race is over, ill klick "Alt+F9" to stop recording.

When ive recorded a video, i upload it to my Youtube channel and when youtube has done the work, i put that code to the report or to my own videos.

Of course, if you dont have possibility to use SHADOWPLAY, there is different screen recording programs, like BANDICAM or FRAPS.

Hope this helps,
26.02.2016 [12:05]
How do you turn a VRC replay file into a video file?
25.02.2016 [05:25]
Thank you Sean !
24.02.2016 [20:54]
Thank you Sean, once again:)!

24.02.2016 [19:02]
Nice report!! Keep them up!

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