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Race:from 21.11.2020 [09:00] to 30.11.2020 [08:30]
Class:1:10 Nitro on-road
Track:Clermont Ferrand
Direction:  Official O
Series:2020 SEASON 2 - 1:10 NITRO SEDANS
Rankings:  1:10 nitro sedans modified, OVERALL COMBINED, Overall nitro on-road, Overall on-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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The Clermont Ferrand is one of the oldest tracks in France, and hosted several World and European championship racers. The track is located on the slope of a hill, the front straight lying about 2 meters lower than the highest point of the track. Coming down the hill you will have some off-camber corners where it is particularly challanging to find the right line and speed. The fast sweeper at the end of the straight goes up the hill and is a real screamer.

Kevin Pignotti hotlaps, 1:8 nitro
8 car multi-player session by Hermann Raith, 1:8 nitro
Super fast Martin Wollanka from Austria in multi-player session
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Nations results

1.FR France493Kévin R. (1.), Basile C. (4.), Fred F. (7.), Jean-philippe C. (13.), Eric P. (18.)
2.US USA391Jamie C. (3.), Greg H. (10.), Gene S. (11.), Joshua V. (12.), Rumsey R. (16.)
3.IT Italy195Massimiliano T. (9.), Andrea N. (14.), Santi P. (27.), Alessandro C. (32.), Filippo C. (38.)
4.AU Australia175Andrew B. (6.), Mitchell A. (21.)
5.GB United Kingdom168Graham R. (2.), Simon W. (8.), Peter C. (29.), Chris P. (42.)
6.AT Austria153Johann J. (22.), Maria E. (23.), Daniel G. (26.)
7.DE Germany150Stöpsel S. (5.), Hans Guenther H. (28.), Nico S. (30.), Dominik L. (43.)
8.CZ Czech Republic107David V. (34.), Josef K. (41.)
9.CA Canada81Keith C. (15.)
10.CH Switzerland77Reto L. (17.)
11.RE Reunion Island73Grondin D. (19.)
12.HU Hungary67László V. (24.)
13.SE Sweden26Carl L. (36.), Christopher A. (39.)
14.KR Korea (South)13VRC Korea M. (37.)

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