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C2069 Xtec .21 GT3 engine  

Xtec .21 GT3 engine

XTEC 3.5cc (.21) GT3 on-road engine. spec version
Scale: 1:8
Surface: on-road
Car classes: 1:8 Nitro GT3, 1:8 Nitro GT3 Spec

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STEAM VRC Pro GT3 car and components pack

DLC containing the 1:8 nitro onroad GT3 Spec chassis, wheels, rubber tires, 3.5cc .21 engine, exhaust pipe and the great new P911 GT3 body which comes with 8 color schemes.

The spec chassis has limited setup options, ideal for this kind of racing. It's all down to the driving, not the setup. The GT3 car is very easy to drive, the ideal step into exciting 1:8 nitro on-road racing.
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