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Club name: Swedish Buggy Racing 1:8
Created: 02.06.2014
Manager: Tobias Flensburg
Country: SE Sweden
Home track: Silver Dollar 3 AMain
Members: 32

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NX8-R setup added: 21.01.2015

Category: Car setup     Views: 2697     Rating:  
Associated with track: Psycho Nitro Blast 1

This is the setup I am using, I am no expert in setups, but maby I can help someone. My fastest lap is 41.9.
Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.3 kB click to download


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09.07.2017 [22:31]
Any way you can post a picture of the setup sheet, download is not working for me.
26.01.2015 [17:58]
nice setup. thanks!

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Oscar M
SE Sweden
Member since 26.06.2012
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Best class:
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1:8 Nitro buggy Spec
9.41 (Pro)

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