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Weekly-VRC Will Have A Weekly Event For Both Onroad And Offroad.

Each Week Will Have An Onroad And Offroad Event With Each Week Changing Between Tracks And Classes.

Discord Will Be Used For Sharing Car Setups, Game Help And Voting For Next Weeks Tracks And Classes (Not Compulsory)

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Club name: Weekly-VRC
Created: 16.06.2020
Manager: Carter Sims
Country: AU Australia
Home track: Silver Dollar 2 AMain
Members: 166

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1/12 mod setup for vrc carpet 4 added: 18.01.2021

Category: Car setup     Views: 238     Rating:  
Associated with track: VRC Carpet 4

I ran this setup during 2021 SEASON 1 1:12 ROUND 1.
My best laptime was 13.274 with this setup.
Attached file: type=CAR, size=1.5 kB click to download


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Tobias L.
SE Sweden
Member since 24.12.2019
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Best class:
Skill rating:
1:10 Electric on-road 17.5T Club
9.93 (Pro)

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