Welcome to the Meatball Racing

Weekly races postponed in favor of joining the already-outstanding Texas RC Racers Thursday Night Club Events https://www.vrcworld.com/clubs/club.aspx?club=2233.

We will resume weekly Thursday races if/when that regular Thursday series ends.


Join us on Thursday night at 8PM central time to race live with your friends. Qualify on your own time Saturday-Thursday. More info at: https://www.meatballracing.com/vrc-live/

Club details

Club name: Meatball Racing
Created: 04.04.2020
Manager: Meatball Racing
Country: US USA
Home track: MHS Raceway 1
Members: 20

All club events

Start date Event Track Power Surface Notify
09.05.2020 Meatball Racing LIVE Thursday Past 1:8 Electric buggy NEO-3 Electric OffRoad
02.05.2020 Meatball Racing LIVE Thursday Past 1:10 Short Course 4WD 13.5T Bash Pit long Electric OffRoad
25.04.2020 Meatball Racing LIVE Thursday Past 1:8 Electric buggy Spec Fuencarral Electric OffRoad
11.04.2020 Meatball Racing LIVE Past 1:8 Electric buggy Barco Electric OffRoad

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