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It has been a long wait but they are here: 1:8 scale nitro buggies. It has taken our development team over a year to come up with a nitro buggy that is as close to the real thing as can be. With the help of world class buggy racers David Ronnefalk, David Joor and Ricardo Rabitti plus our valued beta testing team, our physics specialist Todd “Doc” Wasson has been able to develop the buggy from scratch to a responsive and realistic behaving nitro buggy.

To support the animated suspension and steering, new technology had to be developed to render all these parts in real time without killing the frame rate. Tony West has come up with a photo-realistic modeled chassis, the NX-8, and a host of generic and branded components from Proline, BittyDesign, Avid and AKA. More chassis and components will follow in the future upon request of manufacturers.

4 Brand new tracks are released today as well, Psycho Nitro Blast 2012, Speed Paradise Buenos Aires, IBR Padova Italy and the IFMAR WC version of Silver Dollar in California. All are masterpieces of realism by Tony West, made possible by the reference material provided by track owners and collaborates. A big thanks to them for allowing us to present their tracks in VRC Pro for you to enjoy. World renowned tracks which most of you would normally not be able to race on in real life!

The nitro buggy is not available as a free spec car. If you don't have one of the all-inclusive memberships you can purchase the chassis and the components in the e-shop using your vEuros, or get the buggy expansion pack from the e-shop, this pack includes also 3 new tracks!
Buggy exansion pack 40% off
Off-road expansion pack 30% off

Now there are always things left to be desired, after all, a sim is an approximation of reality, 90%, 95%, 99%, the more time, effort and money you put in the closer you will get to 100%. This is a starting point for nitro buggies. Let’s see what the future brings.

Enjoy the ride!

Pieter Bervoets
Virtual Racing Industries


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29.12.2013 [07:02]
Posted by: Matt Wallin (US) on 19.12.2013 14:37:44 (UTC)
Have been playing VRC off and on over the last 7 years and have to say i'm very happy to finally see a buggy. Overall i'm pretty happy, hope with future updates the buggy gets a bit more traction. after a good 5-6 hours of driving it I still find myself preferring the SCT. The other thing I have really noticed is the buggy really kills the FPS. I have a decent computer and I used to run max settings without vsync at around 300-350fps with SCT's and now with the buggy its 120-160. I have turned alot of my settings down now and haven't seen a real improvement. I have done also all the necessary updates to my computer as well. Hope they can tweak this also in the future.

Keep up the good work!

Frame rate .depents a lot , on your kind of display. TV or monitor. how many HZ do you have?? .also online is stil verry leggy .and it wil show in your rate nr.
i have a verry good comp and video card . but when i play this sim .. my comp starts blowing like crazy,. it realy needs al its power ..

What realy works for me . is putting the setting in the in Nvidia config .
Adjust the image settings with preview on.
Use my preference emphasizing :put it on: Quality:
now mine is way better . i can use all smoke settings now.and all settings full power.
Maybe this wil help you also
Greeds From Holland & Happy holiday,s everyone .

29.12.2013 [06:38]
Posted by: Michél Guggisberg (CH) on 20.12.2013 8:37:57 (UTC)
Posted by: Billy Yeung (HK) on 20.12.2013 6:46:14 (UTC)
Posted by: Brian Townsend (CA) on 19.12.2013 20:04:06 (UTC)
Matt - 3D Suspension has a bazillion more factors to render, both in physics and in model detail. onroad is still 2d (or 2.5D I think) so it is not affected by this. Onroad cars just have to show the wheels going up and down. Buggies have to show the springs compress, the arms and swaybars move, the steering drag link slide side to side, etc etc etc.

Jose - Unlimited All Inclusive....I spent more money on tires in one season of offroad racing, never mind fuel, track fees, travel expenses, etc. VRC is 100% the cheapest part of the hobby for me. (Others may disagree, and they are entitled to that opinion, but for me, this is how I look at it.)

Totally agree !!

100% agree!!!

It would also be nice
If you could see the changes,on the car .on the pittable
now if you whant to see the changes you have to enter the track first and zoom in , to see .camber ,and toe in and out,,,height and stuf.,

27.12.2013 [21:31]
Posted by: Brian Townsend (CA) on 27.12.2013 1:35:59 (UTC)

the 4 different tires have different grip levels to suit driver preference

Imo, it seems to be even more than just different grip levels, but rather, how they feel too, Cornering, accelerating, ect,...

Of course I could have an overactive imagination too,
27.12.2013 [01:35]
nothing is different with the buggy itself.
Where the difference comes in is the accessories. I'm going to be honest, I've been an unlimited subscriber since they first offered, so I can't tell you for sure what needs to be purchased for the customization bits that actually matter, but I can tell you this:

the 3 different wheels have different responsiveness

the 4 different tires have different grip levels to suit driver preference (some prefer to be planted, others prefer to powerslide)

The 20 + 25% nitro fuel will give different performance
RS fuel will allow you to adjust the oil % which will adjust performance accordingly.

The high downforce wing gives more rear grip with the sacrifice of a tiny bit of top speed (though so minimal that most will use the high downforce wing....)

The different colours of motors are all the same
The different colours of pipes are all the same
The different bodies are all the same
25.12.2013 [15:10]
New to VRC and ordered the expansion because i was only interested in 1/8 scale buggy but didn't realize that the expansion pak was not able to use the other drivers car setups.. :-( in the load car section... other then that I love it.. can someone tell me the difference between the expansion buggy and unlimited buggy

Edited by author: 25.12.2013 20:37:12 GMT

Edited by author: 25.12.2013 20:38:37 GMT
25.12.2013 [01:22]
Posted by: Ivar Gosman (NL) on 22.12.2013 22:21:52 (UTC)
in the air the car responds a little too heavy on braking (nose down) and a little to soft on throttle (nose up).

Which wheels are you using? There are three different types of wheels, basically light medium and heavy, and playing with the wheels can have an effect on the way the car responds in the air (and on the track too...but mostly in the air)
24.12.2013 [22:43]
Posted by: Esteban Maur (ES) on 24.12.2013 18:57:04 (UTC)
i'm not completely comfortable with the steering... but they are great!

Your setup can make a world of difference, have you tried some other setups yet?, Here you can find some others to try,...
24.12.2013 [18:57]
i'm not completely comfortable with the steering... but they are great!
24.12.2013 [16:16]
Is there a money back guarantee with the buggy expansion pack?
24.12.2013 [12:02]
Posted by: Jimmy Chow (HK) on 24.12.2013 0:13:46 (UTC)
I wish there will be free license for buggy class for one month........

now it is free for the buggy worlds:

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