News of January, 2015


21.01.2015   134 comments

Some members have reported that buggy setups allow for some very unrealistic settings, like 16 degrees negative camber. We have looked into the camber adjustment issue and have drawn the following conclusions.

Camber is the result of the length of the camber link and the inner and outer camber link pivot points. These points affect the roll centers of the car. However, the tire model was not designed and never tested with such large and totally unrealistic camber angles.

As we have 2 rows of pivot points the adjustability range of the camber link has to be quite big in order to achieve normal camber values with all positions. Marcin used the most inner and most outer positions combined with the shortest possible camber link setting resulting in 16 degrees negative camber. And apparently this works very well for him in combination with other settings.

The use of such unrealistic camber angles was not foreseen and needs to be corrected. The only way to achieve this is to remove the outer positions B2 a... read more


08.01.2015   31 comments


We are working on bringing drifter cars to VRC Pro. At this moment we have some very simple drift tires and that's it, no real effort was made in the past to create a real drifter. But as we have no real life experience with r/c drifters we are looking for feedback from members who are involved in r/c drifting. We will surely be able to develop the drifter much further with your help!

Check out this video of some early tests with the drifter:

Leave me a personal message if you are seriously interested in getting involved in this project.



05.01.2015   8 comments


We have published 3 completely new series for 2015, for 1:8 and 1:10 nitro NASCAR trucks, and for the 1:10 electric NASCAR trucks. These new series are only for modified trucks and will not have racers devided into separate classes. Another key feature of these new series is that all events are raced in reversed direction!

The 3 series have started today (Monday Jan. 5th) and are spread over 4 weeks, each week is a round and lasts a full week:
Round 1: Timed practice (not mandatory to participate)
Round 2: Qualifying
Round 3: Bump-up
Round 4: Main finals

The 2015 Truck series have a very relaxed scheduled and you should be able to get a few runs in every week! Of the 12 events your best 8 results will count for the Series chamionship. In case of a tie the next best result will decide.

Enjoy the 2015 NASCAR truck Series!

NASCAR trucks 1:10 electric schedule
Round 1: Carpet 3
Round 2: Kyosho 05
Round 3: LRP 07
Round 4: Sao ... read more


02.01.2015   0 comments

The schedule of the weekly events of the first half of 2015 has now been released. There are a few important changes with 2014.

The Rhein Main off-road track and the Heemstede on-road track are now included in the Weekly events and Free-2-play members will have to purchase these 2 tracks if they want to race all the Weekly's!

Another important change is that the new NASCAR truck Spec classes are now part of the Weely events, they alternate with the normal spec classes. So one week 1:8 nitro sportscars on Heemstede, the next week 1:8 nitro trucks on Speedway Oval. The 1:10 nitro trucks race on the Speedway short layout, and the 1:10 electric trucks race the VRC Carpet 2 track in reversed direction.

The stage is set for an 'over'load of FREE Spec class racing, enjoy the ride!


02.01.2015   0 comments


The race events for the new year is now published! Season 1 stretches from January till June, 26 weeks of intense VRC Pro racing! For each of the classes, in both modified and spec versions, we have a series of 13 events with 2 weeks intervals, of which the 8 best results will count for the Series championship. In case of a tie (which actually happened a few times in Season 3 last year...) the next best result will decide the position.

New for Season 1 is that the modified and spec class are no longer raced together in the same week, but they are now split in 2, one week modified, one week spec class. All classes race with 3 racer levels, Club, Sport and Pro. Make sure to check your racer class before starting Season 1. Go to your profile page to adjust it if you want to compete in a higher racer class.

Take a look at the Series pages. Racing starts Saturday January 3rd!

[url= read more

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