News of July, 2013


29.07.2013   32 comments

We have decided to postpone the release of the new 3D Suspension system (3DS) after we ran into a few unexpected bugs during our final 'release candidate' test last week. These issues are not directly related to the 3DS system and physics themselves, but the new system is having some unexpected impact on deeper collision and turn-marshaling structures which need to be resolved before we can release this to you.

We are very sorry about this delay but we hope that you will understand that we can't release a new development to you if we can't be 100% confident that the new development will meet your (high) expectations. We will try to release the 3DS update later this week before the start of Round 3 of the 2013 Season 3 short course truck event at Silver Dollar Raceway. If for some reason we will not be able to release before this event we will move it forward until after the finish of Round 3.

Thanks for your understanding,



18.07.2013   6 comments


A full line-up of ThunderPower Z3R motors is released to underline Thunderpower's commitment to support the fast growing VRC Pro platform. Motors range from 17.5T and 13.5T Stock and 7.5T and 8.5T modified Short Course truck, 13.5T Spec till 4.5T modified for 1:10 scale electric touring cars, and from 10.5T Blinky till 4.5T modified for 1:12 electric sportscars. Earlier 1 and 2 cell Thunderpower LiPo batteries were already added to the VRC pro collection of branded products.

Check out ThunderPower's full line-up.

We thank ThunderPower and Jim Skinner for their support.

SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER: 50 vEUROS at -30% | now +5 extra vEuros

10.07.2013   2 comments


We have an excellent summer offer for you! This month you get 50 vEuros at a massive -30% discount, and if you buy THIS WEEK you even get +5 vEuros extra! So order now and have plenty vEuros ready for when Buggy comes out!

This special offer will add 50 virtual euros + 5 extra virtual euros to your VRC Pro account. Virtual euros are vCash and can be used to purchase extra cars, components, tracks and accessories in the game or on the website.

You can check out the special offer here:

This special offer ends July 31.

+5 extra vEuros offer ends THIS WEEK on Sunday July 14

Enjoy your SUMMER offer!


02.07.2013   29 comments


As previously announced, the event structure has been updated with 'racer classes' Club, Sport and Pro. All the official events will automatically be split up in these 3 classes. The current VRC Pro members will be assigned to a racer class which corresponds to their skill level. The skill level is something we measure in the background, but basically it is a system that compares you to with other racers participating in an event who have the same skill level, if you do better than average your skill level increases, if you don't your skill level decreases. There is quite a bit of margin in the skill levels, so you don't jump from one level to another and back easily. The way we calculate the skill level is much more sophisticated and elaborate than we can explain here but trust me that we have thought about this deeply and that it is fair.

The purpose of introducing the racer classes is clear: provide fair racing to all our racers on 3 different levels. Not everyone is a Pro or aspi... read more


01.07.2013   14 comments

Season 3 is just a few days away, the racing calender is now published and so you can check out the Series pages and find out which tracks will be visited in Season 3 with your favorite class(es).

In on-road 4 new tracks are planned to be visited. Boss Speed in Tokyo, Melzo in Italy, Lloret de Mar in Spain and Cincinnatti in the US. For the short course series the 2013 lay-out at RC Excitement will be added to the list of off-road tracks. Other releases will be postponed until 1:8 nitro buggies will be released.

Changes in Season 3

We have implemented some significant changes for Season 3. The most important one is the introduction of 3 racer classes: Club, Sports and Pro. The class you race in will be based on the skill level we measure during all your racing activities. When you do better than average compared to other racers with the same skill level your rating goes up, when you perform less your rating goes down. Of course you will s... read more

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