News of May, 2013

NEW MEMBERSHIP MODEL, we listened...

31.05.2013   89 comments


We have some exciting news for you. The VRC Pro membership model (trial, lite and full membership) has changed completely into Free-to-Play and All-inclusive full memberships. Thanks to feedback from the community, we now have a much simpler, much more attractive membership structure for all current and future members.

This new membership replaces the Trial and Lite memberships, and basically gives you exactly the same as Lite, but now for unlimited time and totally free. Extra tracks, cars and other content, can still be purchased as before.

This new membership replaces the old Full membership and gives you access to all content: tracks, chassis, components, now and all future releases. As long as you have a valid all-inclusive membership subscription you can enjoy everything VRC Pro has to offer, and you're still building a loyalty discount (up to 30%) for your next renewal. We offer 1,3,6,12 and 24 months All-inclusive subscriptions, and e... read more

Three Tracks, Six Classes of Racing, Hours of Fun

27.05.2013   7 comments


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Never a rainy day in VRC!
I read a race report about the JConcepts summer tour round 1. The racing was concluded through the heat races and the mains were about to line up, when the clouds opened and ended the day of racing. The best thing about VRC, there is never a rainy day. When the race is over the car is in perfect condition and my tires are never dirty. Some live for tearing down the car and chipping clay out of places that defy the imagination. I love a clean car, but I like to race in the dirt, how can I do it all? Oh VRC, no maintenance, no mud, no rainy days just fun, fun, fun.

Heemstede, VRC Carpet 1, Silver Dollar
This week the VRC Series races were held on three tracks and six different classes of cars. 200mm Nitro Mod and Spec, 1/12th scale mod and spec, and Short Course Truck Mod and Spec. The best contest of the weekend came in the A Main at VRC Carpet 1, 1/12th ... read more

Don Stark personal notes and interview

14.05.2013   11 comments


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

I remember a time when all I had was a bag of marbles and a combination of hot wheels and sizzler tracks. I was at my grandmother’s house on a rainy Saturday morning. I separated the marbles by colors and styles and then began running heat races on my custom built tracks. The winner went straight to the main event while the rest went into the semi bucket. My little hands could hold 6 marbles at a time so that is how many got to race at once. The event took all day, heat races, semi’s and main events. In the end only one marble would be the champion. That is how racing is, first place is first place and second is the first loser, never the less it is fun to be in the race.

I have to keep this in mind when I speak like I did in the last article, when I mentioned pretend racing. Racers are born we race what we have, we race from one light to the next, we plan our route and w... read more

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