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2016 SEASON 3 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 6 Silver Dollar 3

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VRC race reporting

VRC PRO 2016 SEASON 3 1:8 NITRO BUGGY ROUND 6, Silver Dollar 3

This was season closer of 1:8 Nitro Buggy series. Sixth round was helded here in Silver Dollar 3 track, and it was driven in reversed direction.
American Warren Jones was setting the fastest pace during the qualifying. Warren`s average 30.833 was something enormous, when we saw that second place driver Jonas Larsson from Sweden, was almost 13 seconds behind him. But that wasnt bad run by Jonas, but that 31.731 average wasnt good enough to challenge Jones of the lead.
Third fastest, Britains Michael Lightfoot, had 16 seconds to TQ. Lightfoot`s run was stable, with just under 32 seconds average. Behind Lightfoot, only with 0.3 seconds distance was Mikael Yrjänäinen from Finland.
Another Finish driver, Ari Koski was in fifth and third Finn, Markku Honkanen in sixth place. Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung was also carried his season, and was in seventh position, when qualy ended. It was lookin... read more

2016 SEASON 3 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 5 Silver Dollar 2

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VRC PRO 2016 SEASON 3 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY ROUND 5 Silver Dollar 2

Fifth round of 1:8 electric buggy series was helded here, at Silver Dollar 2 track.


In qualifying round, 35 years old Canadian, Matthew Stacey was setting the pace. Stacey`s pace was enough to keep Swedish offroader, our serie leader Robert Hillman behind. His run was very clean and this secured 3 seconds margin to Hillman. This was looking promising for Stacey, as his average laptime was two 10th`s faster than Hillman`s. But have to remember, Hillman made 6 seconds mistake at lap 5, and without that, he would be clearly at TQ place. Third fastest, Cyrille Payet from Reunion Island had also some struggles at laps 7 and 10. Those incidents gave him almost 10seconds of extra time and finally he was over 6 seconds behind TQ. Fourth grid went Jonas Larsson from Sweden. Holding second position in series, 6 points behind Hillman, this was good save from Jonas. But also he did mistake at lap 4, what gave him 5 seconds ... read more


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SEASON 2016 electric nascartruck modified, round 11, Sydney John Grant Raceway

Round 11 of electric nascartruck series was helded here in Sydney, John Grant Raceway.
Track is well known to those drivers, who participated the Worlds2015 in here.


In time practiced Huhtala from Finland was the fastest with average 19.616. Second fastest, Britains Ritchie Thorn, got 19.656 and was only 0.6 seconds behind Huhtala.
Italian Andrea Giordano was the third and André Fossto from Sweden, fourth fastest. Giordano was 1.8 and Fossto 2.3 seconds behind leader. Once again, another Italian, Tommaso Andreuccetti was at top speed. With average 19.967 he got 5th fastest run. Not faraway, only 2.7 seconds behind Andreuccetti, was Hong Kong`s Carson Yeung. Carson and his son had participated to NitroBuggy Worlds2016 at Las Vegas and was now ”back in business”. With new winds, Carson was one to look for when this event would get older.
Ok, as ive mentioned in earlier races, these round... read more




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