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US National champion Rob Gillespie has added another victory to his laurels, edging out Nicolas Loriot (FR) and Billy Caley (US) after a hard fought 8 minute A-Main final at the 2013 Shout-out layout of RC Excitement. All 3 front runners lead the A-Main for several laps, the race was decided in the last 3 laps! In the end less than 2 seconds were between the 3 podium finishers.

7 Seconds trailing the leading trio Barnebas Toth (HU), Kirby Backemeyer (US) and Antoine Rosseti (FR) had a race of their own, with Toth securing 4th in the last lap, and Rosseti passing Backemeyer to claim a top-5 finish. Martin Wollanka who leads the Series and TQ-ed wasn’t able to start this race due to ‘real life’ r/c racing commitments. With 3 drop results in the 8 race series he can afford to skip 1 or 2…

A-Main final:
1 Rob Gillespie US 30 08:01.077
2 Nicolas Loriot FR 30 08:02.540
3 Billy Caley US 30 08:02.957
4 Barnabás Tóth HU 30 08:09.560
5 Antoine Rossetti FR 29 08:00.332
6 Kirby Backemeyer US 29 08:00.403
7 Matthew Stacey CA 29 08:04.680
8 Austin Hauch CA 29 08:06.429
9 Derek Sousa CA 28 08:08.177
10 Martin Wollanka AT DNS

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29.08.2014 [10:35]
Gratuluju :)
23.07.2014 [20:02]
its cool to see your local track on a sim !!
11.07.2014 [17:34]
Merci Mathis ;) This was a great race! Congrats Rob!
11.07.2014 [17:26]
Bravo nico :)

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