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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

The Series Points Race Heats Up
The “A” list of world class virtual racers take the drivers stand to contest for the championship in Japan. This week’s race was round 4 of 6 in the championship series. The top 14 in the points have raced round 1-4 but like Nostradamus, I’m going to make a prediction. Martin and Hiromu will be one and two when the dust settles. Both drivers have set out a few races and have now begun to make the run at the top spots. In VRC the points are dependent on four of the six races, the leaders have a big points spread but that will disappear when point are adjusted.

Race Report
Hokusei track, located in the middle of Japan, host of several JMRCA Japanese Nationals. For Japanese standards the Hokusei track is very big and wide. It has a nice fluent layout but is still very challenging.
When the warm ups concluded the pit crews got the cars fueled and s... read more

1:10 200MM NITRO Spec and Modified Round 3

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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

1:10 200MM NITRO Spec and Modified - by SERPENT

Nitro 200mm Spec
In the first turn Jason Hillcoat took command of the race his smooth precise driving would prove hard to catch. By the end of lap 3 he was already into lap traffic. Second through 8th place would not be settled so easily. Troels Troelsen would mount a charge for second between lap 15 and 33 he was doing his best to hold off Leopold and Giovanni but he final dropped back on lap 34. Giovanni seemed to have a firm grip on second with his laser focus and steady driving he kept his MX 12 MAX XXL3 BL spec Powered 733 Serpent ahead of the rest of the field until the lap 55. Leopold put his race face on and started clicking off 13 second laps while Giovanni could only manage low 14’s in the pits Giovanni lost another second with a 19 second pit stop. Jason however was unaware of the battling behind him as he ran away with t... read more

2013 SEASON 2, Round 3 of 6. Mikes 2 SCT10 Off Road

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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

2013 SEASON 2, Round 3 of 6. Mikes 2 SCT10 Off Road - by TEKIN

Short Course Racing

In order to give these reports I have to go back in time and watch the race. For those of you who don’t know how to navigate in VRC this may prove to be a helpful hint. When you launch VRC and your sitting at the pit table, click on events at the top of the screen. On the top left there are two radio buttons, Current Events, and Past Events. Anytime you want you can go back and visit a past event and race with the drivers or your choice. This is a very cool feature. Okay enough of that here we go on to the racing.

Spec Class 13.5 SC10
The Starting order was Kirby, Barnabas, Antonello, Eben, Matthew, Nicolas E., Nicolas L., Donald, Jim and Masato. Kirby took advantage of his pole position and ran as fast as he could to get away from the pack. The whoops and Rhythm sections made for so... read more


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