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2013 Season 4 Round 2, short course trucks

30.10.2013   6 comments


Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Late October 2013 the ghost and goblins are dusting off their costumes for Halloween and VRC is breaking out the bash pit for some series races. The turnout for this week’s race was amazing with a total of 376 entries over the six categories’. The bash pit track is set up to run two different configurations, short and long. The short configuration allows for 11 second lap times and the long version gives it up at a rate of 14 seconds per lap. Both tracks are very small but they are extremely fun and competitive.

Race Report

SHORT COURSE 4WD 13.5T Pro class
The 13.5 Pro A Main, starting order was Nicholas Loriot, Francis Wathlet, Rob Gillespie, J. Djay Delcourt, Maxime Noble, Nicholas Evans, Anthony Honstain, S. Skrowronski, John Trottman. At the start Nicolas Loriot used the pole position to his advantage and got as far out front as he possibly could, his line was tight and ... read more


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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Championship Season
With a few months left of 2013 it is the time of the year to crown some new world champions. In September the IFMAR 10th Scale Buggy worlds were hosted by Amain Hobbies, Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico California. The 1/8th Scale Nitro Sports Car IFMAR Worlds were held in Japan. VRC hosted the Virtual worlds to run at the same time. Unlike the real event which is open to drivers who have qualified prior to the event, VRC’s World Championship is open to any members that have the track. There were 77 entries in the pro class, 61 in the sport class and 54 in the club class.

Endurance Race PRO class
The A Main was a 1 hour event that would require endurance, patience and persistence. In the early rounds of qualifying Martin Wollanka was looking very fast, he had the top spo... read more

2013 Season 3 comes to an end...

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Report by Donald Stark (VRC race reporter)

Virtual RC vs Real RC
I would like to take a moment to give the positive and negative points of VRC and Real RC. First I will start with the positive. 

Virtual RC
VRC is fun, racing online is quick a person can literally race anytime 24 hours a day 7 days a week. VRC Cars are perfectly tuned every time, they never have to be cleaned and when you crash the parts stay intact.

Real RC
Real RC Racing has many positives, there are great people at the track, track conditions are affected by weather and change throughout the day. Track food is always good everything tastes better with a little dirt in it. “Custom Painted Bodies.” Making new friends, and just getting out of the house sometimes is a great reason to go to the track.

Why bother with the negative, I’m sure everyone has their own list of negatives I will keep mine to myself. VRC is a perfect... read more


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