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Name: Jose M Maciá
Age: (restricted)
Country: Spain ES
Home town: (restricted)
RC Clubs: CarsRC Racing Club
VRC Clubs: APRacing Vrc Italy, CochesRc 1/10 by BRT, Nitroholic's Skill Factory, TEAM ITALY, CarsRC Racing Club, club RC Super Speedway, club, HIGH VOLTAGE RC, West OZ Nitro RC, * R/C United *
Favorite brands: Serpent
Favorite VRC tracks: RC Super Speedway Oval Course, RC Super Speedway Short, Rhein-Main
Introduction: Experience 20 years in scale 1:8 nitro onroad.
Skill level: Pro
Racer class: Pro    
Social status: Level3

Aerial view! added: 14.08.2012

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21.09.2012 [14:30]
You would are an film LEGEND!!!
15.08.2012 [03:26]
Nice video!
14.08.2012 [18:57]

ooooh, no, no work! I have retired, hehe

Hermann, I have had the same feeling, seem to be a real car.

This video and Messina, are beautiful to see, but people show much more interest in off-road videos. And they lose their plasticity provides the track, when a recording is worth it.

We enjoy ourselves.

14.08.2012 [18:49]
This track are so wonderful and this video also. It looks like a real RC Car.

Jose: Are the studios of hollywood call to you?

Edited by author: 14.8.2012 17:50:22 GMT
14.08.2012 [17:35]
Thanks Riaan
14.08.2012 [17:24]
Very Nice indeed !!!

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