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Race:from 16.09.2017 [09:00] to 25.09.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Electric buggy Spec
Track:Silver Dollar 2 AMain
Direction:  Official O
Rankings:  1:8 electric buggy spec
Points:Level 1 ABC (1 - 80) with DNS* factor 75%
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Just 3 months after the WC took place, VRC releases the Silver Dollar IFMAR WC '13 layout. A testing track for short course trucks and 1;8 buggies. A track with a great flow but yet technical enough to separate the men from the boys...

Situated on the famous Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, A Main Hobbies’ Silver Dollar R/C Raceway was built to be the ultimate outdoor off-road R/C racing venue and just successfully completed the 2013 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championships. Each part of the facility was designed with both the racer and spectator in mind, with a comfortable pit area and bleacher seating for race fans.
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2017 SEASON 2 1:8 ELECTRIC BUGGY SPEC ROUND 4 Silver Dollar 2


Report by JP racing videos


PRO level

Silver Dollar 2 hosted the 4th round race of 1:8 electric buggy spec serie. This track is mentioned as a track what has great flow but its enough technical to separate men from boys.
But we had top drivers joined to this event and these talents would handle this perfectly.
At qualifying round Canadian Andrew Bucar setted the pace with 31.065 average. Andrea Giordano was close, only 1 second away from Bucar`s pace. Behind Giordano, Ely Rojas was third and Tommaso Andreuccetti fourth fastest. Rojas was 9 seconds and Andreuccetti 9.5 seconds behind TQ driver Next places were Anger, Kirkholm, Yeung and Hillman on eight position.
This qualifying was really tight, from Rojas at third place to Hillman in eight place, was only 2.3 seconds distance. Marko Laitinen from Finland drove to ninth place and last but not least, Gary Crowell earned last place for the main. Gary had 14 seconds gap to Bucar in first place.

When horn shouted for the main, Giordano from second grid took the lightning start and took the lead. It was well known that Andrea knewed this track and was tough to beat in here. But it was really tight racing, as Bucar, Kirkholm, Anger, and Rojas were chasing. Hillman dropped from this chasing group by little mistake in first lap.
And allready in second lap, Kirkholm made his move and flipped his car and now chasing group had only three drivers. After 4 minutes driving, pack was still close, Giordano was first, Bucar and Anger had very similar pace in second and third place. Rojas had little bit dropped from top pace, but was still in good attacking place, in fourth.
In lap nine Bucar and Anger had managed to close up Giordano`s runaway and were right on his tale. And immediatly in this particular lap, when they were coming last jumps of the lap, Giordano made mistake. This mistake dropped him to third place and Bucar and Anger took the lead.
Last minutes we saw great battle between Bucar and Anger, they had same pace and mistakes werent allowed. But Anger was stronger and got better rhytm in last laps. This great consistent and precise rhytm secured his win in here, and indeed it was well deserved. Bucar had to settle to second place, only 0.7 seconds behind. Hillman who started from 8th grid, had some struggles in early stage of the final, crossed the line in third place, 6 seconds after winner. Actually, looking Robert`s last laps, he was fastest driver at the track but those early struggles ruined his chances for the win.

After Giordano`s mistake, it was either Anger or Bucar. Pace was very same.

SPORT level

SPORT level qualifying was as tight as PRO level qualy. Finnish driver Ilmari Ullakko was fastest, 1.2 seconds behind at second place was Belgian driver Dan Haaling. Third fastest was Daniele Berni from taly. Berni`s gap was 2.7 seconds to TQ place.
Race was Haaling and Ullakko show. This Belgian and Finnish drivers had great race of the victory and margins were really tiny. From 11th lap Ullakko`s pace bit dropped and Haaling got time to breath. And this battle ended at lap 14, when Ullakko made his mistake. This 34 second lap was just too much against Haaling. Haaling crossed the line in first place, 6.5 seconds before Ullakko.
Berni who started from third grid, wasnt in rhytm at race. Too much mistakes, but he managed to secure his position. He was over 20 seconds from winner pace.

Haaling succeeded in the finals

CLUB level

Croatian Tonci Polic was on his on at CLUB level. He won the race with 20 seconds margin to Austrian Philipp Kropf. Kropf was second and Japanese driver Isla Pesca third. Kropf and Pesca both had huge struggles with this track. But finally they distance at finishline was only 0.183 seconds.

Tonci Polic was overwhelming at CLUB level



1Gaetan ANGERFR1608:22.546
2Andrew BucarCA1608:23.203
3Robert HillmanSE1608:28.486
4Tommaso AndreuccettiIT1608:30.357
5Andrea GiordanoIT1508:00.591
6Marshall KirkholmUS1508:00.703
7Carson YeungHK1508:04.766
8Ely RojasUS1508:07.606
9Gary CrowellUS1508:15.437
10Marko LaitinenFIDNF


1Daan HalingBE1608:35.478
2Ilmari UllakkoFI1508:06.548
3Daniele BerniIT1508:21.231
4Nuno LourencoPT1508:23.489
5Anibal MenezesZA1508:24.423
6Pasi VainionperäFI1508:27.117
7Madyoyo ManAU1508:27.397
8Frank WagnerDE1508:29.760
9Corey TaddUS1508:31.020
10Alessio MordiniIT1508:34.775


1Tonci PolicHR1508:27.454
2Philipp KropfAT1408:14.369
3isla pescaJP1408:14.552
4Libor NejdlCZ1408:21.829
5Karl heinz JohannDE1408:30.162
6Rahmine AmineDZ1408:31.032
7Kanokphan TangsupwattanaTH1408:31.360
8Peter ElphinstoneCA1408:32.191
9Wolfgang SchoberAT1308:02.903
10Rene ZarthDE1308:21.408


PRO level

1Ely Rojas304
2Marshall Kirkholm292
3Carson Yeung275
4Jabin Carlton270
5Gary Crowell264
6Valeriy Kornilov249
7Gaetan ANGER238
8Tommaso Andreuccetti224
9Matthias Steininger197
10David Diaz176

SPORT level

1Anibal Menezes294
2Frank Wagner286
3Nuno Lourenco272
4Steven Patterson252
5Madyoyo Man249
6Daan Haling240
7Daniele Berni218
8Corey Tadd205
9Gary Sundman203
10Pasi Vainionperä200

CLUB level

1isla pesca282
2Karl heinz Johann247
3Patrick Mitrevics227
4Adrien Prieto226
5Yuriy Tantsura226
6Libor Nejdl222
7Brad Dalbec191
8Robert Dean183
9Tim Sekutowski175
10Peter Elphinstone172


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28.09.2017 [09:20]
Nice artikel once again!
27.09.2017 [12:05]
Don't forget to Like and Share the video on your Facebook page... Great report and video JuPe!!!!
27.09.2017 [10:16]
Thank you Gaetan and Carson, there was top off guys in this event. So nice when racing is tight and hard. Thanks!
26.09.2017 [14:46]
Nice report Jupe
26.09.2017 [13:50]
Nice report Jupe
26.09.2017 [13:19]
Nice report! Just love this kind of intensive competition!

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