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Race:from 20.05.2017 [10:00] to 29.05.2017 [09:30]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Track:Buenos Aires Speed Paradise
Direction:  Reverse R
Series:2017 SEASON 1 - 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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Buenos Aires Worlds track Speed Paradise, host of the 2012 IFMAR Worlds.
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2017 SEASON 1 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES ROUND 7 Buenos Aires


Report by J-P.Huhtala

SEASON 1 2017 1:8 NITRO BUGGY round 7 Buenos Aires

There is one more to go after this 7th round race of Nitro Buggy serie. Buenos Aires track was hosting this round and totally 92 drivers participated to this event.

PRO level race was total domination by Swedish driver Jonas Larsson. Even multiple VRC PRO Worldchampion Martin Wollanka didnt had any weapons to challenge this Swedish youngster at qualifying or in the semi, so furios Larsson`s pace was. At qualifying, Larsson left Austrian Wollanka over 8 and in semifinal, almost 13 seconds away. When grid was ranged for A-main, Wollanka was missing and this was looking very easy win for Larsson. Jonas continued his clean furios driving and was on his own. He crossed the line one lap ahead of second place driver, Marshall Kirkholm. Marshall had some mistakes in early stage of the main, was it lack of rhytm or what but he kept his head high and "save" 2nd position. Carson Yeung and Tommaso Andreuccetti had very intence fight of the last podium place. Finally Carson was bit stronger and crossed the line in third place.

Jonas Larsson was really strong in here

SPORT level race was won also by Swedish driver. Lennart Sahlman took very convincing 18 seconds win of another Swedish driver, Mattias Norén. Jabin Carlton from USA was third, 9.7 seconds behind Norén.

Marshall Kirkholm survived of his troubles in early stage of the race

CLUB level race was two mans deal. American Mark Thompson and French Seb Lambert runned totally 27 laps, and finally Thompson crossed the line in first place. Lambert got second, 6.5 seconds behind Thompson. During the final, Thompson and Lambert made this race very exiting, as they swapped positions 6 times.
American Curtis Damn was third.

Andreuccetti(black) and Yeung solved third place

About SEASON 1 Champions, at PRO level Jonas Larsson and in CLUB level Mark Thompson has allready secured their titles. SPORT level Champion will be solved in last race, Jabin Carlton looks strong, but Lennart Sahlman and Mattias Norén have a chance to win the championship. In overall series table, Lennart is 11 and Mattias 12 points behind Carlton.
Last race will be raced at new Barco track in Italy.


We chat a little with PRO level winner Jonas Larsson about his win

Congrats for victory at here Jonas, was it perfect event and run by you?

JL: I compared to the E- buggy round last year and it went much faster this year with Nitro, so i was really comfortable after the qualifying result.

You were pushing really hard, so hard that even multiple VRC Worldchampion Martin Wollanka was behind, actually far behind. Whats your secret, or is there any?

JL: I was just thinking about not to make any misstakes, I think i could push harder but it wouldn`t make a better time. No secrets, just driving normal lines and everything.

Setup tips?

JL: Just for this track i recommend very low steering with much grip in the back off the car.

And last, VRC PRO wants to also congratulate you of your season victory. Just great performance!!!

JL: And thanks for the congratulations VRC PRO!


A-main PRO

1Jonas LarssonSE3020:28.434
2Marshall KirkholmUS2920:41.749
3Carson YeungHK2820:04.898
4Tommaso AndreuccettiIT2820:10.974
5Nicolas HallierFR2820:29.454
6Akos FazekasHU2620:15.914
7Billy YeungHK2520:02.309
8Martin WollankaATDNS
9Yanic GriegerDEDNS
10David DiazUSDNS

A-main SPORT

1Lennart SahlmanSE2920:20.634
2Mattias NorénSE2920:38.400
3Jabin CarltonUS2820:02.852
4Pasi VainionperäFI2820:21.160
5Gary CrowellUS2820:29.432
6Valeriy KornilovRU2820:41.780
7Frank WagnerDE2820:43.915
8Jeremy WrigleyUS2720:09.837
9Harris KatsadonisGR2620:00.034
10Michael OlsljungSEDNS

A-main CLUB

1Mark ThompsonUS2720:26.074
2Seb LAMBERTFR2720:32.672
3Curtis DammUS2620:29.246
4Joe CaponeAU2620:32.126
5Francisco FernandezES2620:44.832
6Manuel WeberUS2520:30.263
7Jason GodwinAU2520:32.371
8Cristian VillaIT2420:21.268
9Till FriedrichDEDNS
10Mario UnverzagtDEDNS


PRO level

1Jonas Larsson711
2Robert Hillman678
3Carson Yeung666
4Tommaso Andreuccetti548
5James Le Pavoux462
6Marshall Kirkholm460
7Klas Norman440
8Nicolas Hallier426
9Billy Yeung406
10Akos Fazekas396

SPORT level

1Jabin Carlton672
2Lennart Sahlman661
3Mattias Norén660
4Ruben Martins626
5Frank Wagner586
6Valeriy Kornilov566
7Pasi Vainionperä560
8Gary Crowell546
9Peter Haaima538
10Bob Halliday451

CLUB level

1Mark Thompson690
2Curtis Damm596
3Mario Unverzagt571
4Manuel Weber565
5Dorian Marcel555
6Libor Nejdl527
7Madyoyo Man503
8Francisco Fernandez472
9Alex Deperschmidt454
10Joe Capone426


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12.06.2017 [11:02]
Thanks Marshall, from early struggles, you get yourself together and made fantastic race!
11.06.2017 [17:03]
Good report Jupe!
11.06.2017 [15:17]
Thanks Carson, great drive from you!
11.06.2017 [10:37]
Nice report!

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