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Race:from 14.01.2017 [09:00] to 23.01.2017 [08:30]
Class:1:8 Nitro buggy
Track:Silver Dollar 2 AMain
Direction:  Official O
Series:2017 SEASON 1 - 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES
Rankings:  1:8 nitro buggies, Overall off-road combined
Points:Level 2 ABC (1 - 120) with DNS* factor 75%
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Just 3 months after the WC took place, VRC releases the Silver Dollar IFMAR WC '13 layout. A testing track for short course trucks and 1;8 buggies. A track with a great flow but yet technical enough to separate the men from the boys...

Situated on the famous Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, A Main Hobbies’ Silver Dollar R/C Raceway was built to be the ultimate outdoor off-road R/C racing venue and just successfully completed the 2013 IFMAR Electric Off-Road World Championships. Each part of the facility was designed with both the racer and spectator in mind, with a comfortable pit area and bleacher seating for race fans.
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2017 SEASON 1 1:8 NITRO BUGGIES ROUND 1 Silver Dollar 2


Report by VRC race reporting

SEASON 1 2017 1:8 NITRO BUGGY MODIFIED, ROUND 1 Silver Dollar 2

Nitro buggy modified serie started the season from Silver Dollar 2 track. Miliar names were at top after semifinal. Giordano, Koski and Andreuccetti were only ones, who hitted 21laps in semifinal round. But there was also big names behind top3, Britains Le Pavoux and two Swedes, Hillman and Larsson.
In the Final, Larsson who started from fourth grid, was toughest. He hitted almost perfect run and secured his win in here. He got one bigger mistake at lap 22, but his pace was good enough to take this opening round.
Six seconds after Larsson, Britains James Le Pavoux crossed the finishline. He had also great drive, but he didnt get this easy. Hillman who was unlucky at start of the final, when he flipped his car and drop to last position, was pressuring Le Pavoux at end of the Final.
After his flip, Hillman had run very furiously, without mistakes lifted his position to third place and gained Le Pavoux. But Le Pavoux hold his nerves, and won this battle with tiny 0.3 seconds margin.
Italian Andrea Giordano was also really close at podium fight, he crossed the line in fourth position, one second behind Hillman.
When results were published, we saw that Le Pavoux and Giordano had refueled one time against Larsson`s and Hillman`s two. So, this tells something about these two Swedish drivers, how great they pace was.

Jonas Larsson and his Reedy powered ride

In SPORT level Italian Erik Bottosso totally crushed others, with his pace he was sixth fastest in overall results. Great run from Erik! Second podium went to Peter Haaima from Netherlands and third place to Michael Olsljung from Sweden, gap between these two was 4 seconds at finishline.

In CLUB level Finnish driver Marko Laitinen was unstoppable and gave same kind of knock-out to his fellow competitors as Bottosso in SPORT level. He wonned this level with 2 laps margin.
From second podium place we had good fight, as Czech Dalibor Rohác and Britains Rob Reeves solved that one. Finally Dalibor was stronger and took second place with 1.2 seconds margin to Reeves.

Hillman(orange) and Le Pavoux at last lap

After the race VRC race reporting asked few guestions from Jonas Larsson

Was your run perfect at Final?

"It was a perfect run apart from 1 mistake but that doesn`t matter too much."

From top5, Le Pavoux,Giordano and Koski made only one refuel, its possible, any comment of this?

"I did not know you could do one pitstops after the semifinal.
And when I knew that you could run 10 minutes without any refueling. I didn`t make any changes to the car cause I believed that I could win if i was consistent enough."

Season target?

"I hope to win more events this season and hopefully take the win."

Thanks to Jonas and congratulations!


A-main PRO

1Jonas LarssonSE4020:01.408
2James Le PavouxGB4020:07.374
3Robert HillmanSE4020:07.689
4Andrea GiordanoIT4020:08.732
5Ari KoskiFI4020:16.457
6Kevin LeeKR4020:26.492
7Harry SchnarkowskiDE3920:01.325
8Tommaso AndreuccettiIT3920:01.875
9Carson YeungHK3920:07.443
10Brad ThornUS3920:22.920

A-main SPORT

1Erik BottossoIT4020:16.774
2Peter HaaimaNL3820:06.566
3Michael OlsljungSE3820:10.472
4Ruben MartinsAU3820:18.815
5Emanuele SartoriIT3820:21.149
6Jabin CarltonUS3820:21.600
7Lala LuTW3820:22.137
8Max Hamun Ahmadi ZenouzDE3720:04.514
9Dave LanganAU3720:21.326
10Corentin RichardFRDNS

A-main CLUB

1Marko LaitinenFI3820:08.277
2Dalibor RoháčCZ3620:22.406
3Rob ReevesGB3620:23.611
4Romain LAMBERTFR3620:25.697
5Nuno LourencoPT3520:30.871
6Alex DeperschmidtDE3420:15.449
7Mario UnverzagtDE3420:29.232
8Robson WhiteGB3220:16.140
9Anibal MenezesZA3120:15.926
10Jonathan WolfeGBDNS

Semifinal winner Andrea Giordano


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18.03.2017 [09:44]
Fredy Kobler
28.01.2017 [22:54]
27.01.2017 [11:27]
Great report JuPe!!!
26.01.2017 [11:33]
Great report. Great drive Jonas!!
25.01.2017 [21:53]
Thanks guys!
24.01.2017 [22:12]
Amazing! That's the next level!
I like the "highlights" style of the video, the report (as always) and the interview!! Great work. Nice race.
24.01.2017 [22:03]
To add Q&A in race report is nice!
24.01.2017 [21:52]
Great stuff to read...

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