Welcome to the Antwerp Racing Team

Bij Antwerp Racing Team racen we voor de fun. We winnen graag maar verliezen hoort er ook bij. Iedereen kan niet eerst zijn.

At Antwerp Racing we race for fun. We like to win but lose missed one. Everyone can not be first.

Club details

Club name: Antwerp Racing Team
Created: 07.11.2011
Manager: Marc Van Dyck
Country: BE Belgium
Home track: Psycho Nitro Blast 5
Members: 177

a chicane ? added: 14.06.2012

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19.06.2012 [15:45]
No, an really dumb, dumb, dumb crash!!
That were a dark moment for the car!!
Only ouch!! :((((

Edited by author: 19.6.2012 14:46:15 GMT

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Giovanni F. D
BE Belgium
Member since 23.06.2011
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Best class:
Skill rating:
1:10 Electric NASCAR Truck Spec
9.39 (Sport)

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