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Created: 18.09.2011
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Pardova added: 31.12.2013

Category: Car setup     Views: 7026     Rating:  
Associated with track: Padova IBR


Edited by author: 31.12.2013 17:44:15 GMT


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19.04.2017 [16:37]
cool setup
19.01.2014 [09:17]
Posted by: Darrell Howarth (US) on 17.1.2014 23:25:07 (UTC)
Is this the winning setup?

18.01.2014 [10:51]
Nice Setup
17.01.2014 [23:25]
Is this the winning setup?
13.01.2014 [22:24]
Thanks for posting. This has helped me a lot. Not for this track, but for 1/8 buggy in general!
04.01.2014 [13:27]
Is there a DL link for this setup?
03.01.2014 [06:27]
without practice or ;-)
01.01.2014 [23:18]
Haha it is just crazy how different our driving styles are!!! I can´t make a lap under 35 with this one.. LOL :) Great win again Martin just an unbelievable run!

Edited by author: 1.1.2014 23:18:41 GMT
01.01.2014 [10:03]
Very nice setup, finally starting to hit some more 34's using this. Thank you for posting
01.01.2014 [09:28]
Posted by: Martin Wollanka (AT) on 31.12.2013 17:45:45 (UTC)
i Change more work but good for all

Thanks a million Martin!, You have saved me some work here mate!

Have a smashin' 2014...All the best!
01.01.2014 [00:08]
is it just my comp or does the motor shut down in a panic rev situation wuth these motor settings?
31.12.2013 [23:07]
Perfect Setup Martin! Thanks ! Happy new year 2014
31.12.2013 [22:21]
Posted by: Martin Wollanka (AT) on 31.12.2013 19:02:11 (UTC)
click on the fucking photo
happy new year

31.12.2013 [19:02]
click on the fucking photo
happy new year
31.12.2013 [17:53]
Cannot see a thing. Need a clearer photo please

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