Welcome to the International Club, Sport, Pro

Welcome to the club.

This is the club only for Club, Sportanf ProDriver

We will start with some monthly races and I hope that together we will built an active club.
Perfect for Fun Racing and test Event

Wishing is a lot of fun for all.

Bienvenue au club international pour les sports et le club conducteur
Καλώς ήλθατε στο διεθνές κλαμπ για τον αθλητισμό και το σωματείο του οδηγού
Bienvenido al club internacional de deportes y club de conductor

Club details

Club name: International Club, Sport, Pro
Created: 02.02.2014
Manager: Holger Wolf
Country: DE Germany
Home track: NEO-3
Members: 154

News detail and comments

Mike HS Race Edition


The Mike HS Race Edition SC at International Club and Sport is started. Good Luck and Fun for all.
3 Race Tracks :
Mice Hobby Raceway 1
Mice Hobby Raceway 2
Mice Hobby Raceway 3

Also Buenes Aires is already planned

Coming soon:
Psycho, Rhein Main, Neo 13, Fear Dirty, Silver Dollar 12, Silver Dollar WC13


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Other news

Hello Club Guys and Girls

10.05.2014   5 comments

I would like to make a suggestion.
What do you think if we make a World Championship International... read more




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